NATO pays for its adventures with Libyan billions


NATO Alliance pays for its bloody crimes with the money of the Libyan Jamahiriya

According to the Belgian magazine Le Vif, Over € 11 billion "evaporated" from the Libyan accounts frozen in 2011. The money intended to finance Libya's international cooperation projects with Europe was stolen from the Belgian bank Euroclear.

The magazine published a bank statement according to which, on four Libyan accounts frozen under the sanctions of the UN Security Council, there were € 14.2 billion in securities and € 1.9 billion in funds (as of November 30, 2013).

And as of the end of 2017, these accounts have less than € 5 billion.

Thus, over € 11 billion disappeared from the frozen accounts, although no movement of funds supposed to be possible.

 The Belgian bank does not give any explanation, referring to ... "the secret of deposits".

So, for four years, 12 billion euros have disappeared. If in a year three billion disappeared, it can be assumed that in two years Europeans will report that there is no money in Libya's accounts at all.

 The accounts belong to two Libyan state investment companies: Libyan Investment Authority and its branch - Lafico.

The money was frozen as early as March 2011 in the framework of the untenable resolutions passed by the UN Security Council, allegedly directed against the leader of the Libyan revolution, Muammar Gaddafi and his family, but in reality against the Libyan people and their state property abroad.

 This happened immediately after the beginning of March 19, 2011, NATO aggression against the Libyan Jamahiriya and massive bombing by NATO aircraft and missile strikes of NATO warships on Libyan cities and military installations.

Then the UN Security Council diplomats and UN officials hypocritically declared that frozen funds could be used in the future to rebuild Libya after the end of the NATO war against this sovereign country and create a "democratic government of national unity".

However, after the seizure of the capital Tripoli by terrorists and the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi, the leader of the Libyan revolution, by NATO special forces and al Qaeda terrorists in October 2011, the war in Libya did not end.

 The war of NATO is still going on, there is no question of any "democracy" and even more "people's unity".

Libya is turned into a hotbed of terrorism and a springboard for the migration of thousands of disadvantaged Africans to Europe, and with them, bastards from the Islamic State to commit terrorist attacks that have already killed hundreds of civilians in European countries.

Moreover, in the south of Libya, with the participation of NATO special services, another terrorist gang "ISIS of Libyan Sahara", which has several thousand fighters, was created.

Once one of the most prosperous countries in the Arab world and North Africa, Libya remains in a state of chaos. To this day it has several "governments" and even more local leaders.

  They are opposed by the Libyan resistance, organized from tribal units under the green flags of the Jamahiriya. The Libyan tribes chose Saif al-Islam Gaddafi as their supreme representative.

Through the fault of the UN Security Council, the so-called "Gaddafi accounts", which are legally owned by the Libyan Jamahiriya, and therefore the Libyan people, remain "frozen" to this day.

But they are "frozen" only for the Libyans!

A significant part of these billions, and their total sum exceeds 70 billion US dollars, is already very ingeniously removed from the "Gaddafi accounts" and used by NATO special services for financing and arming the al-Qaeda and IGIL-DAESH gangs.

This money, stolen from the Libyan people, was paid for bloody terrorist attacks in Europe.

  Libya is destroyed, raped and looted.

 By whom?

Financial robbers and war criminals are in the highest echelons of power in the US and Europe. Against some of them - Clinton in the US and Sarkozy in France - judicial investigations have already begun.

By the way, Le Vif journalists could put forward only one, very original hypothesis of the "natural disappearance" of money. This could happen if from 2013 to 2017 securities of almost 500 large international companies, into which the main Libyan funds were invested, depreciated by 70%. However, journalists themselves bashfully reject this option, as all major indices have only grown over this period (S & P 500 + 41%, Euro Stoxx 50 + 17%).

That is, the accounts of the Belgian bank should have been as low as 20 billion euros!

 Now the Belgian authorities have begun investigating this "disappearance", which threatens the country with a major international scandal. It is possible that this investigation will only lead to the disappearance of journalists, bankers and investigators themselves. But another scenario is possible ...

It is possible that during the proceedings a "Russian trace", "the hand of the Kremlin" and "billions of Putin" will be found, as it is now fashionable.

Meanwhile, a new bloody drama called "democratic elections" is brewing in Libya. The UN decided to hold the first "democratic presidential and parliamentary elections" in the country.

But according to information coming from different places in Libya, as well as from the US and Europe, it is said that the West has decided to bring its puppets to power in this way. And the legal representatives of the Libyan people, the patriots of the Green Resistance and Muammar Gaddafi's supporters are planned to be physically liquidated before the elections or during the elections.

Without the participation of international observers, primarily from Russia, China, South Africa, Syria, other Arab and African countries, the elections will be turned into a farce.

And most likely, it is on the continuation of Chaos in Libya will be spent the last Libyan billions, caught up in European and American banks.