NATO: A parasite that controls the minds of its hosts


We have to look first at what NATO is. It is a parasite, which need a host. The powers in the West need Iraq, Libya etc.,  just essentially to rob and use them. The arms industry is the biggest industry in the world. NATO countries and their proxies, which are about 88 in all, spent over 80% of all the money spent on arms in the world. The main exporters of arms are the United States, followed by Britain. The only state getting in the way of this in any way is Russia. It’s a huge industry and it’s a part of a complex.

In Great Britain, the so-called British Armed Forces are powerful as a political force. If we look at the British Parliament, here is a huge amount of British ex officers. The richest man in GB, the Duke of Westminster Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, who died recently, was a major general, top man in the British Reserve Forces.

Even video games industry for kids is sponsored by the arms industry and is connected to it because of the optoelectronics. Similarly with Japan. The smart bombs that the US uses from the time of Vietnam War, the real brain of them was made in Japan. The Japanese are the best at that, but the Americans cherry-picked all of that. Japan is very important, because it gave the two biggest navies in the world a very good run for their money in World War II. Japan can only develop a tree of weapons, America has a forest. The arms are always turned against anybody who opposes NATO’s control.

In Ireland we are very pro-neutrality. Our history is against joining anybody like NATO. But they try to pull us into their web of Mordor, even a little country like Ireland. Most people don’t want to go around murdering Syrians, Iranian and so on. But this huge military political complex draws in the media and people are told stupid lies. If you repeat lies over and over, people believe it. Just look at the Olympics, which are the part of a soft war against Russia. All these Russian athletes were banned after accusations of using illegal substances. Yes, but the Chinese, Irish, British, and American athletes have been already caught cheating. So why not ban them too? The message of the Olympics is to play fair. The West tells all this lies in a Hot War, where they cooperate with ISIS, right through a Soft War. Most people are so involved with their own problems; they don’t pay any attention to this. They are told that Putin is the Devil. So, people are told such nonsense, that they actually believe it. This system includes the arms industry, the media, charities, NGO's and so on. The minority of people, who take interest, can see that these lies are really stupid, but the majority go along passively with it. That’s the problem that has to be solved.

Dr. Declan Hayes
Catholic Thinker and Activist