NATO is now ISIS’s Air Force


American Professor/ Sr. Geopolitical Analyst

As the saying goes, “In conflict, truth is the first casualty.”

We have once again witnessed some dangerous geopolitical events taking place in the most engulfed part of the Middle East called Syria. I would like to start with the bombing of the so-called “UN Syrian convoy” that Washington is now charging Moscow of having committed.

A few days prior, US Air Force bombed and killed 62 Syrian Arab Republic soldiers, along with injuring over a 100 more. Mind you, these are the official soldiers of the currently legitimate government of Syria, aka the Arab Syrian Republic.  As it turned out, this was a disastrous public relations mess for Washington, but as usual, one that was conveniently brushed under the carpet (AGAIN) by the Western media who are experts at distraction, distortions, and deception.

Later on, Washington not only acknowledged that its warplanes had carried out that airstrike in Syria that resulted in the death and injury of close to 200 Syrian government troops, which in-and-out-of-itself is a clear violation of the last remnants international law, but that the pilots involved in the attack [in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour] actually believed they were targeting ISIS. As if not embarrassing enough, it now appears that Washington is hiding behind incompetency and that incompetency is now the norm, not the exception.

I, however, believe that such explanations are nothing short of a red herring. We have ample reason to believe those US Air Force pilots were instructed to do exactly what they carried. No error was made, contrary to Washington’s claim, and that the murder of those 62 Syrian soldiers (of whatever tactical military importance they were) was mission accomplished. This, of course, could never be officially admitted. And as for the rest, it was nothing but diplomatic politicking!

Not long after, we had this tragedy – or better put, travesty – with the so-called “UN Syrian Aid Convoy” which was supposedly destined for the entrapped “people of Aleppo”. The undiplomatic tit-for-tat game triggered Washington to accuse the Russian Air Force to have carried the deed.

Again, truth is the first casualty in times of conflicts. As such, this requires us to analyze both incidents very objectively, scientifically, and even cynically – especially from a psychological warfare perspective which is Western media perception management and propaganda.

I don't believe either of these two incidents was accidental or unplanned, in fact quite the contrary. Since Washington and NATO are clearly seeing themselves as losing this conflict, they are acting more connivingly and more desperately.  Up to now, they have been covertly supporting these ISIS and Al-Nustra savages. But now they have officially becoming ISIS and Al-Nusra’s Air Forces even though with elaborate disguising shenanigans. Mind you, the Al-Nustra savages are what Washington has been calling, “the moderate opposition” for a while now. These are the same Wahhabi thugs that dragged the lifeless body of a female Russian humanitarian helicopter pilot, simply known as Natasha in social media circles, several months ago in the dusty streets of Idlib in northwestern Syria.

But make no mistake. There is no overall convergence within Pentagon when it comes to these complex, covert policies carried through by Black Ops. We have first-hand knowledge that there are extremely infuriated top brass, rank-and-file within the highest echelons of power at the Pentagon who are disgusted [even to the point of mutiny] about this new role that the US Air Force is now being forced to play. Because of the utterly failed policies of this administration, there is a general Obama fatigue at the Pentagon and the mere thought of an Obama regime continuation via Hillary Clinton is quite irritating to many true patriotic Americans serving their country.

Back to what really took place with that so-called “UN Syrian convoy”, Washington claims the deed was done by the Russian Air Force because they did not want this “help” to get to Aleppo since it still somewhat of a terrorist haven. Nothing could be further from the truth in more way than one!

From what we have deciphered from our intelligent sources, this convoy was never meant to go to the destitute and war-town civilians of Aleppo anyway. These poor souls have become the unfortunate collateral casualties of this horrible soon-to-become six year old criminal conflict in Syria. We are told this convoy was supposed to go straight to ISIS as well as Al-Nusra [which of course is Al-Qaeda 2.0] as well as the FSA defectors, the so-called “Free Syrian Army” which has become quite impotent and sidelined these days. This “aid convoy” was supposed to go to these Jihadi anarchists. It is still unclear what kind of weaponry and military aid was packed in that procession. We are also told the Russians received intelligence from on-the-ground Iranian military attaches about the true nature and intent of this convoy. But ironically it was the Washington and NATO backed ISIS jihadists who attacked this convoy as new evidence (definitive video proof, as in, live Russian drone footage) now clearly demonstrates.

Naturally, Washington may contend this is tampered evidence. But our intelligent sources argue that Washington ordered its ISIS and Al-Nusra proxies to attack the convoy in order to cover up and destroy the evidence of the exact content of what was in the convoy. Keep in mind the timing of this covert operation: An attack on a “UN humanitarian convoy” exactly at the time of the UN summit, a conveniently timed distraction away from Washington’s attack on a sovereign nation of Syria, or at least what used to be the sovereign nation of Syria. As usual, Russia and Syria were quickly blamed in the controlled Western media without any evidence and proof whatsoever.

Although US Secretary of State John Kerry insisted that an agreement was reached with Russia beforehand to let this convoy go through because of the supposed ceasefire, yet in reality the very nature of the ceasefire was violated by using the ceasefire lag time to send supplies to Washington and NATO backed ISIS Jihadists.

Washington, on the other hand, contends that once the Russians realized [vis-à-vis their Iranian and Syrian allies] that this was not just a regular aid convoy, they decided to make a tactical decision and take it out. In other words, putting the blame squarely on Russia while in essence it was the Jihadists all along who did the deed. All the farce that we witnessed at the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council was nothing but theatrics between Secretary Kerry and Foreign Minister Lavrov, with Mr. Kerry clearly as the wining lead actor for an Oscar Award performance.

Nevertheless, the question remains: Can there ever be a diplomatic resolution to this horrible war that is now entering its sixth year? My analytical answer to this question is this: I don't believe Washington and NATO ever wanted [or would want] a peaceful solution. The ultimate goal of NATO has been to spread maximum chaos and anarchy, much in the same manner as in Iraq since 2003 and then in Libya since 2011. They were so emboldened after their successful crimes in Libya that they decided to export this savagery to Syria literally in the same year – the now infamous year of 2011. These were all part of their contrived and imposed doom-and-gloom 2012 evil prophecies.  You have to keep in mind that these people are part of a pure Luciferaian death cult, a cult that creates contrived chaos in order to solicit and manufacture consent in order to implement its so-called “solutions”.  In other words, Ordo ab Chao which is the slogan of the 33rd degree Freemasonry – meaning “order out of chaos” – their “order” out of their own chaos! That well pre-planned Ordo ab Chao strategy has now been clearly delayed, thanks to NAM (the Non-Aligned Movement) spearheaded by Russia, Iran, and Syria along with their Iraqi and Lebanese regional allies. 

The definition of insanity, Albert Einstein taught us, is repeating the same action but expecting a different outcome. It would be pure irrational naiveté (at best) to still assume Washington and NATO also seek a political solution, no matter how much the Russians and Iranians would solicit for some kind of a political settlement to this crisis. And if Secretary Clinton gets into office which morbidly seems likely, you can bet to expect the same kind of shenanigans that the Obama Administration has been carrying on for the past eight years.

I think Washington and NATO have clearly and consistently demonstrated, especially in the last bombing of the Syrian soldiers, that they are least interested in peace. They absurdly believe that the prolonging of this bloody war in Syria [which is already spilling across the Middle East via geo-sectarianism] is somehow in their advantage which by the way I don't see how, other than the fact that by blaming it on some technical pilot error is buying them more time (as has been the exact policy all along), at the expense of hundreds of thousands of dead Syrians and millions of impoverished refugees across the Middle East (in Turkey and Jordan in particular) as well as throughout Europe.

I think the Russians and the Iranians have been too patient and accommodating in this conflict than they should be, not that triggering World War III should EVER become an option for Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) nations. Clearly, we should never play into the hand of the death cult, Illuminati, Freemasonic power structure. It is them with a blood lust to trigger World War III. Not only has it become crystal clear to the awake and alert masses of the world that Washington and NATO do not want a political settlement, but that they have become shamelessly emboldened to continue their diabolic regime change policies. The overthrow of President Bashar Al-Assad’s government (at any cost) has become a last ditch effort in the continuation of this illegal and failed policy which of course goes against every international law. Make no mistake. This does not imply whatsoever that Bashar Assad or Saddam Hussein or Moammar Gadhafi, et al. were “the good guys” or even benevolent dictators. Nobody in their right mind could defend their brutal and heavy-handed methodologies. These were ruthless despots. But that does not warrant the West’s idiotic adventurisms in the Middle East which have clearly proved to be EXPONENTIALLY more genocidal than anything those petty dictators ever mustered. This is an undisputed fact. Any other argument would be pathetically delusional and ignorantly invalid.

A recent precedent to such illegal, Washington and NATO-imposed regime change (all under the disguise of “human rights” or “democracy” or exaggerated charges of genocide) goes back to the early 1990s when NATO attacked and overthrew Slobodan Milošević, the Yugoslav and Serbian President of Serbia from 1989 to 1997 and President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1997 to 2000, again not a saint of any sort. I must vehemently emphasize that. The 1990s multi-phased NATO military operations against the already-disintegrating Yugoslavia set a very dangerous and reckless precedent that set the course of behavior which we are still suffering from, this time the balkanization project of Syria which is just a small step in the grand balkanization and the remapping of the entire Middle East vis-à-vis The Bernard Lewis Plan which in essence aims to not just set the Middle East aflame but the entire world!

At any rate, it has become quite self-evident that Washington and NATO are on what seems like a never-ending binge of regime change delusions, not just in Middle East but as we have seen in Ukraine, Venezuela, and even the powerful BRICS nation of Brazil, by using the pretexts of human rights, democracy, fiscal and political corruption, etc. – all of which we are desperately lacking here in the United States.

In Middle East, their evil flagship experiment has been successful in countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. But in Syria, due to Russia and Iran’s strong stances – if it continues to be implemented responsibly – this could result into a major ideological [and military] defeat for the West in creating and spreading their viral chaos and anarchy. What becomes of Syria, albeit already decimated, is absolutely crucial. That is why Washington is dead set against any political resolution there, because such consensus would be an admittance of their failed policies going all the way back to the 1990s in Yugoslavia and the demolition of their carefully scrutinized Middle East remapping project.

The ISIS/ Al-Nusra attack on the Syrian UN convoy (which intelligent sources now believe was a convoy to Al-Nusra-ISIS coalition ironically destroyed at the hands of the same Wahhabi savages) exemplify the complex treachery of war in general, especially in such a young and vibrant human resource and rich natural resource region such as the Middle East.

Never has it been more crucial and necessary for the Ordo ab Chao death cult to be embarrassingly defeated as it should be in the Middle East – the epicenter and their diabolic testing ground for the eventual enslavement of humanity. If such defeat doesn’t happen, no one would be safe and this evil and hegemonic agenda of brutal and bloody regime change would only go on-and-on to the point of viral non-containment. If that ever happens, we would then arrive at the wide-open gates of hell, as in a precipice to World War III and the definitive obliteration of the human race as we know it.