In the name of Christianity, we have to be together


The famous Romanian actor, director and Orthodox activist Dan Puric comments on the recent deterioration in relations between Russia and Romania caused by the opening of the US anti-missile base in Deveselu:

At  one time, Russia and Romania were divided by a different ideology, but now we are still being separated. I think that if we really believe in Christianity, then we have to be united together. Romania should not be against Russia because if we are against Russia, we are destroying a neighbor, a relationship with a fellow Christian country. If we do this, then in my opinion, the world will not have a political future. I think that the spirit must manage this world. The best spirit that we have now is Christianity, and in the name of Christianity, we must be united together. Dividing ourselves is no solution, and I think that this separation was engineered to create an artificial conflict between us and develop political tension. There are many people who will profit from this conflict, so we have to make a common effort to unite and resist it.

Christianity gave freedom to the human being. Without Christianity, we don’t have any meaning for our life. Is there any meaning in life to be found in globalization? No, there is no sense, just a supermarket of human beings in a zoo. We are slaves to a different ideology, a different kind of prison, but nonetheless a perverse one. The only passport of freedom is faith. We have to respect each other and respect our past.

Deep down, the whole of Europe does not want to create a conflict with Russia. No one needs such a conflict in the beginning of the 21st century. This is linked only to the primitivism of history. We need another mentality and management by the spirit, not ideology. This is our future.