The murdered youth of Gaza

The colonial-settler state of Israel knows it has the full support of the US and its various allies to commit such brutal crimes against a defenseless and besieged people within the Gaza enclave. There is no powerful voice in the world which tells Israel to stop these killings. As a result, Israel is free to do what it is doing in Gaza and the rest of the occupied territories of Palestine.
Many of us write and post articles and highlight the issues, but our words and protests are not able to save the life of a single Palestinian who becomes the victim of an Israeli bullet. Neither can our words stop the bullets of the Israeli army that rain on the Palestinians of Gaza when they protest against the Israeli blockade and their right to return to their homes from where they were driven out by the Zionist terrorists in 1948. As refugees they came to the Gaza enclave.
Is it a crime for a people to demand their right to return to their country and their homes? Not if sanity is allowed to play a role in such a situation. The besieged and brutalized people are asking Israel to lift its illegal blockade of Gza, which it has made into the largest concentration camp in the world, allow the evicted people to rerun to their homes under the rules of the international law.
There are people from democratic and socialist parties and organizations, writers and activists from various non-religious and religious identities and loyalties, including some Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, etc. who support the demands of the Palestinians of Gaza and of the occupied territories. Major humanitarian and human rights organizations show solidarity with such demands. But many far-right parties of fascists, Zionists, Christian fundamentalists, White and Jewish supremacists are opposed to any such solution. As far I am concerned, as a non-dogmatic Socialist writer and commentator, I will continue to stand to the last breath of my life with the oppressed people of Palestine and the restoration of their political rights.
At the end, I ask a simple question to all who read what I write: Where should the two-million people of Gaza go or do in the face of such Israeli atrocities that seem endless? I will appreciate any sensible response coming from anyone.