Multipolarity is the best future for Europe


The European elites are really clinging to their global structure because they feel and fear the resistance.

We can see the strengthening of the right movement in Germany, France, and other European states. Now, I can really imagine an uprising against the elites because so many changes are coming.

I really hope that we could get rid of globalism and organize a new Europe after – that's the open question. But there will be no dictatorship, just free countries and their cooperation. But just how much they will cooperate is an open question.

The elites moved from the city of London to New York and now they are moving somewhere else. This is the nature of the global elites - they have no homeland.

Today we can see that Germany - Berlin with Angela Merkel - is becoming the new head of the snake. But I don't think that Merkel has a very long career left.

Anyway, these people will not just disappear only because they don’t have America anymore. We will see them probably move around into some NGO’s and so on. Of course, we have to track them and be careful, but they will not have the same power as before.

I would call the future Europe a "multi-Europe", because you can’t say that Europe has one identity – there are many identities. I think different countries will develop different systems, but there will be nations where you don’t leave anyone behind like liberalism does.

Liberalism is a very anti-humanitarian ideology. I think that we represent the opposite. Nationalism is a very important issue here, but different countries have different nationalistic ideas. I do not think that Islam should be our enemy – it is just another civilization with other ideas. The problem appears when you start to mix cultures. The answer is a multipolar Europe.

We must make people feel like the same nation again. Liberalism has really destroyed that in Sweden.  Swedish society has been very fragmented.  And, of course, mass immigration has also caused damage.  Sweden is now going through a very painful time.

There are a lot of people who support our movement, our conservative views. They see that this is a painful time. I think that struggle will shape new solidarity in society.