MTV Movie Awards: Feminists, Trump, and Hillary


The annual MTV Movie Awards Show was presented on Sunday 10th April, with winners being selected on the basis of Internet voting. Unlike the American Film Critics Association Award (the famous "Oscar"), the golden cup of popcorn (what a MTV award looks like) pretends that it reflects the cinematic tastes of the audience. Given that they have to choose from the limited set of options offered by the film industry, the MTV Movie Awards best reflects a balance between the values that Hollywood promotes and how its Western audience assimilates these values. Let’s see what is fashionable in today’s declining Western civilization.

Heroism is still the ticket

The best actor according to MTV is Leonardo DiCaprio for his role in "Revenant." It is not clear what factor played a decisive role – the demand for the figure of a male hero in a sea of feminist movies or the spirit of fighting against the harsh conditions of nature and the local population in the wake of growing "political correctness". The film with DiCaprio emphasizes its colonial overtones; the Indians are presented as an element of wild nature that opposes the protagonist.

Most of the rest of the nominees are great examples of the underlying trend of Western cinema and the dominant ideology in the US of post-modern liberalism.

Feminism vs. Trump

Charlize Theron was awarded “Best actress” for the role of Furiosa in the film "Mad Max: Fury Road". The movie’s plot is an ocean of feminist agenda. In the post-apocalyptic world, a group of women, led by Furiosa, a warrior-lady, fights for freedom against the dictator male tyrant Immortan Joe. In the end, after all the twists, shoot-outs, and car chases, women come to power and establish justice. The movie demonstrates a key point of modern American liberal ideology - the struggle with the male spirit, the traditional male dominated society, and systems of traditional male hierarchy: spiritual, social, and political. All of these features in "Fury Road" are exhibited in the form of caricatured and repulsive overtones. Charlize Theron hastened to declare that the award was dedicated to her daughter and to all women who are fighting for their place in the world, emphasizing the ideological nature of her role.

Interestingly, the memes from the movie were used in the propaganda campaign against Donald Trump. There was an “Immortan Don” meme that compared Trump, who is proud of his masculinity, with the mad dictator from "Fury Road".











Hillary’s Star Wars

JJ Abrams' "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" was the winner in the “best movie” category. It contains the same idea of resistance to white men of Western civilization in the spirit of "cultural Marxism". In the movie, the heavy burden of the struggle against world evil falls on the shoulders of women, who are helped by blacks and Hispanics. Evil is personified in the image of a young white man (Adam Driver - awarded best villain at the MTV ceremony); Daisy Ridley, who played the brave girl Rey, also received an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance.

Maybe this is a conspiracy theory, but a film that promotes the image of a woman at war with evil men was released in time for the presidential elections in the US, where the only female who has a chance is… you know who she is. By the way, JJ Abrams is a supporter of the Democratic Party, and in 2015, he and his wife donated a million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The trend of feminization continued with the nomination for the MTV Movie Award for Best Hero, which was received by Jennifer Lawrence for her role in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2. Again we see the same obsession: a female heroine against the totalitarian society of men. And although in a fight against the dictatorship of men, not all women are equally good; the movie teaches ordinary Americans that the government in the end will still be in female hands. Feminist also won in the comedy genre, where, for the first time, the comedic genius award was awarded to a woman - Melissa McCarthy.

Negros in the trend

After the scandal with the "insufficient" number of African-American nominees at the “Oscar” awards, MTV decided to demonstrate loyalty to the principles of tolerance. The movie "Straight Outta Compton" won the award in the new "true story" category. It is a biopic about the Black hip-hop group N.W.A, and contains profanity, sexual content, violence, and drugs. The MTV Generation Award was awarded to Will Smith.

America castrated

The MTV Movie Awards shows the symbolic "castration" of American society, which is abandoning its male identity. The cult of "superheroes", which was prominent in the earlier generations of Americans, has now been replaced by the cult of superheroines and exotic representatives of various minorities. American civilization is becoming more matriarchal - a hypothesis that should be confirmed by the result of the upcoming presidential election.