The most powerful lessons of Malcolm X


When Allah blesses a man or a woman with “nur”, as Malcom was blessed, you are able to see what cannot be seen. When you live for Allah, you’ll never ever betray truth, not for five dollars, not for five hundred thousand dollars, not for five million dollars, not even for your son or your daughter, facing 19 years in prison.

The reason, why Malcolm remains today the most powerful of all examples of leadership, is because - I don’t know, whether he knew the verse of the Koran but - he embodied the words of Allah in the Quran. When Allah says: “ See me verily pray and my service is a sacrifice, and my very living and my very dying, everything is for Allah”.  So whoever had in worship bowed to Allah, before Allah, will not bow, will never bow to the slave master. Never.

The most powerful lessons of Malcolm to teach me, was when Malcom spoke about the house slave and the field slave. There is a difference between house and field slaves. A slave is one who does not have its freedom. The house slave is the one, who identifies with the slave master. He is an appendix of the slave master. He lives in the slave master's house, he cleans his shoes. If the slave master is ill, Malcolm says, the slave will come to him and say to the master: “We are ill”. He will identify himself with the slave-master. We got a lot of them today in the world of Islam. Their kibla is in Washington.

We are sick, we are ill. Slave, house slave, he is externally slave and internally slave as well. He is been colonized, even his mind and his heart has been colonized. But Malcom spoke also about the field slave who maybe externally is slave but internally he’s not a slave. Internally, he is still a freeman. And a freeman and a freewoman cannot tolerate injustice and oppression. Only field slaves are submitted to injustice and oppression. A freeman will never submit to injustice and oppression. And that’s a field slave. Yes, I am a slave. But internally I am free. And because he has zero tolerance for injustice and oppression, he hates the slave master. And he hates the system of slavery and oppression. So the slave master is scared of him. He’s dangerous.

Malcolm would say about the field slaves, if the slave master's house is on fire, the house slave will run for water to try to extinguish the fire. But the field slave will look at it and let it burn. Let it burn. That’s the difference between a house slave and field slave.

The message of Islam is to give us a man or woman, who has internal freedom within them, cannot be colonized or cannot be enslaved internally, and would have a zero tolerance for injustice and oppression, and would hate the slave master and hate the system of oppression and enslavement. And when the slave master's house is on fire, they would let it burn. This is Malcolm's legacy to us. And this is what we need to do because the slavery that he had experienced in his life time is now even greater.

I have to bring my talk to an end. But I cannot do it without brining eschatology into the discussion. It is not enough to say that Malcolm has courage. And what we need that Malcolm had is integrity. You could not buy him, you are not facile. That’s what we need. It’s not enough for me to point out to you that I did briefly what Malcolm had foreseen. He could see what others could not see. And that’s insight that can only be had if you have courage, and you have integrity, and Allah will bless you. But it is more than that. There is a master mind, whose goal is to rule the world from Jerusalem. And when he does, so too will others declare him to be the Messiah. And the capacity to connect the dark of the history will allow us to understand the emergence of Britain as the ruling state in the world, Pax Britannica.

Pax Britannica came into being as stage of one of the processes which would claim in it, with that master mind, ruling the world from Jerusalem. Pax Britannica was the leader of the old world, the concept of Europe and the rest of Africa and Asia. But in order to come to the second stage, they needed new Babylon, a new world, a shining light, a new vision of heaven, the greatest thing that the mankind had ever seen in history. They needed the USA. But this was the land of American Indians who have the misfortune to live what today is called the primitive way of life…

Two ages after they came there, and the primitive way of life would be destroyed, so the new Babylon, a new heaven can emerge in North America. They built overnight, what Europe built in hundreds of years. They built it overnight because Pax Americana had to succeed Pax Britannica. And in order to build overnight, you have to do what Pharaoh did. He built the pyramids with slave labor, as they had to build America with slave labor. That’s why they have to take Africa to build America. But who cares about that today when you leave Egypt or Pakistan to live in heaven, to live a new life in the US. That US that was built with African slaves.

Those African slaves who become house slaves, we don’t have to worry about them, we can put one of them in TV and make a star like Oprah, we could make one of them a boxing star, we could put other of them and make them musicians, you won. And they will become entertainment. And they would constitute no theat.

"What should we do with the field slaves?", the masters thought.  And they responded: "We must insure that they all become Christians, our version of Christianity, the western version." We say you mustn’t grow a beard. The only one who will be allowed to have beard, a big one, and who visit us once a year with the deer flying in the sky. We call him Santa Claus. Everybody, shave off you beard.
I’m talking about the Western version of Christianity. I call it the Santa Claus version of Christianity. Not the other one which is in Russia. They want the whole world to be a carbon copy of itself. This Christianity which allies itself with Judaism, make the Judaic-Christian's core.

But other Christianity has no connection with Judaism. The one Christianity has monasticism. That Christianity doesn’t want to make the carbon copies of itself all over the world. No. Orthodox Christianity in Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Syria, Egypt. Orthodox Christianity has no such an agenda of transforming the rest of mankind into copies of itself.

So the African American people must become copies of this western version of Christianity. So we can box them in it. But there was always a danger of Islam, because Islam was the dominant religion of Africa.

We take the slaves from Africa, so, masters said; we gave them a version of Islam. The field slaves would be taken for a ride. Many Americans, listening to this lecture, are going to be very angry with me. But the truth is the truth…

In the other version given to them is a version of Islam whose eschatology is all rubbish, and when your eschatology is rubbish you cannot read history. That's what they did with the Nation of Islam. From within the bottom of the Nation of Islam, allow to bring us a diamond of Malcolm X. He knew that he is going to die, his friends were always saying to him: they are going to kill you. We want to send you to Africa. Let everything cool there within six months. He said no. Malcolm didn’t run away. He knew that he is going to die. And he was not afraid to die. He did in a short period of time everything that he should do to set an example of defense against the oppressor, that they can do want they want, they pull the all false flags that they want. But the truth will always win …

I pray that among you who are here today and those who will listen to this that the love will be put into your hearts. Love for freedom. That you insure that you’ll never will be internally colonized, and then live in safety. That love for justice that you’ll never submit to injustice and oppression, regardless of the price you have to pay.

Exept from Sheikh Imran Hosein’s lecture “Malcolm X message for Muslim today”: