The most bizzare elections in American history


The problem in presidential campaign this year is that it is the most bizarre campaign in history in my lifetime.

You have the choice between Hillary Clinton, who is captured by the war party of the neoconservatives, and you have Donald Trump, who is completely unknown in terms of his political experience.

The vulgarity of the campaign is so far: "Who raped more women - Donald Trump or Bill Clinton?". it's just bringing things down to the new low.

The mainstream media in the United States of America is rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton's campaign. The moderators on these debates have fed Clinton's campaign with questions before they were even asked. So, the moderators were biased to Clinton, they did not ask her embarrassing questions. At the same time, they did go off to Trump in a very aggressive way.

I imagine that most Americans have made up their minds, but they have made up of their minds under the box, not the above. At this point  - it is really bizarre.

I think the campaign for president this year reflects the decline of American hegemony in the world. The model that was created in 1944 is bankrupted.  The banks of the Wall Street have bankrupted America They have taken industry out of the United States; the infrastructure is completely rotted in all parts of the nation. We need $3.5 trillion of investments in the next six years to bring the economy into a functioning sufficiency, but it's not being done. Instead, we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars on wars everywhere in the world to try to hold on the hegemony for the American oligarchy.

I can’t say why Donald Trump is saying what he is saying about Russia and his willingness for good relations with Vladimir Putin. I certainly hope that would be the case with any American president. But with Hillary, I do not believe it will be so.

Donald Trump is a complete loose candidate. Some people believe he was put in as a fake candidate to make sure that Hillary would win by comparison. It’s just so bizzare. Anything that Trump says seems to change depending on the group he is speaking for. Therefore, I don’t think that his speech is a very reliable barometer of any opinion about Russia.

American elections are no longer democratic. Elections are rigged; the electronic voting machines can be programmed. Any semblance of democracy that used to be there up until 1970s are gone.

The voice of American people is not represented through the election process; It is a very dishonest system, working for oligarchy. For anyone in Washington to point their finger at any country in the world and say “you are violating human rights and democratic principles!” is a complete hypocrisy, because the biggest violator in the world now is Washington.

As George W. Bush said: “either you with us or against us”. Washington’s philosophy is the most aggressive in history. It is causing war and instability everywhere. When Hillary was the Secretary of State, she was putting charge of the Arab Spring destabilization. Clinton laughed hysterically when she got the report that Gaddafi had been murdered. These people are just crazy!

The machine that is  behind the Clinton’s family is the same that was behind the Bush’s family. Father Bush and Bill Clinton were friends long before the 1992 election when Clinton won. They remain very close. It is a kind of political mafia.