The Mortally wounded beast in Mosul


The Ministry of Defense of Iraq reported on the complete release of Mosul from the fighters of the "Islamic State" banned in Russia (ISIS).
"The presence of ISIS in Iraq ended forever," the Baghdad military department said.

However, this statement of the Iraqi military is at least premature. Despite the apparent success of the Iraqi armed forces and the Americans who supervise them and who freed the Khadr al-Sadd and Ahmadiyya quarters from terrorists, and also captured most of the Old Mosul, including the area of the historical mosque Al-Nuri, which was blown up by the insurgents themselves, the units of the insurgents continue remaining in the city and resisting persistently. Of course, eliminating these last hot spots of resistance of ISIS in Mosul is a matter of time, but the Caliphate is still clearly capable of taking unpredictable actions.
Despite victorious reports, the insurgents are keeping on their attacks.

The terrorists broke through the encirclement twice by mass suicide attacks and managed  to occupy separate blocks of western Mosul during the past two weeks.

On June 25, about eight Caliphate assault groups attacked the areas of At-Tanak, Yarmuk, Ash-Shafaa, using several mined vehicles At the same time, blows were also carried out by the "sleeping cells" of ISIS in the rear areas of Mosul, which immediately brought some disorganization into the ranks of the Iraqi military and police forces. Presumably, about 150-200 Islamists took part in these attacks. It was possible to defeat them only after the regular air strikes of the Western coalition.

The Islamist attack was also undertaken in the eastern Mosul, which was  liberated last winter, where two ISIS insurgents shot an Iraqi police officer. Both terrorists were liquidated, but the fact of their attack in a deep rear clearly shows that the statements of representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Iraq that with the presence of ISISis ended for good in the country cannot be taken seriously.

Price of victory

Of course, the controlling part of the Old City, or rather its ruins, the Islamist grouping, for sure, will cease to exist in the coming days, and the eight-month-long bloody operation that is held to liberate the second largest city of Iraq from ISIS will finally be brought to a halt. However, the release of Mosul does not mean the end of the terrorist ideology. Ongoing explosions and armed attacks, organized by the notorious ISIS, continue to shake the country. Secondly, the caliphs continue to controla  part of the Iraqi-Syrian border in the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar. Undoubtedly, the end of the active phase of the military operations in Mosul will allow the Iraqi army to focus on eliminating the sources of ISIS resistance at the border and in the western part of Iraq. Another question is how long and how many human lives it will take.

Concerning human casualties, the battle for Mosul has already brought about a large-scale humanitarian catastrophe. The number of the victims among the civilian population of the city, who died not only at the hands of terrorists, but also as a result of American bombing, is already going to thousands. The Iraqi armed forces have a huge loss. In particular, the Caliphate informed about the elimination of about 700 Iraqi military last month. Even if this figure is greatly exaggerated, the fact that the Iraqi army is bearing serious losses is also confirmed in the US military command. On March 28, 2017, a month later after the beginning of the operation for the liberation of Western Mosul, the chief of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces Joseph Votel announcedthe figure of 284 dead and about 1,600 wounded Iraqi soldiers during 37 days of the operation. In addition, three months of intense fighting for the liberation of the western part of Mosul cost the government forces 490 killed and about 3,000 wounded people.

Globalists will not allow eradicating ISIS completely

The almost loss of Mosul, the serious threat of losing of Raqqa, where fierce battles between the pro-American coalition of the so-called Syrian democratic forces and ISIS continue, defeats from the Syrian army in eastern Homs and eastern Aleppo, a likely death of the leader of the grouping Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi during the air strike of the Russian Aerospace Forces testify that the ISIS beast is seriously injured. However, talking about his possible death is not only extremely premature, but rather dangerous both in military and political relations. And the real owners of this terrorist group, who created and put great funds into it to destabilize the situation not only  in the Middle East but in an entire Eurasian space,  will clearly not allow ending its existence. It has already brought too high dividends and still can bring  more to supporters of unipolar hegemony.