The morning victim


The main cause of Lt-Col Arnaud Beltrame's death is not Islamism, but the political regime of betrayal that allowed this to happen. 

 This is one of the key messages of the remarkable tribute that Charles Sannat, who runs the blog "insolentiae", published under the title "the morning sacrifice".


What dominates is obviously emotion. What remains is the beauty of a gesture and the decision of a man. What's left is the story, the big and the small.

What Colonel Beltrame did is not just a heroic act, it's more than that.

It's a sacrifice. The sacrifice of the morning.

This expression is not mine. This is the title of the book written by Pierre Guillain Bénouville, one of the greatest resistants during the last world war alongside a Henri Frenay or Jean Moulin.

"This heroic book is the symphony of the Resistance. This judgment of François Mauriac defines this exceptional book, nothing of which has tarnished the brilliance ...

What's he saying ? In essence, that the resistance was, in truth for each one of those who took part in it, the morning of a new life, and the Resisters do not ask anything else to those who were not with them in action than to unite at the morning sacrifice the evening sacrifice. "

To sacrifice oneself for others, to sacrifice oneself for love, for commitment, for others, for the country, for ideas that are beyond us.

This sacrifice makes it possible to impose some reflections.

On the one hand, a man who sacrifices himself to save others (whom he does not know), on the other, a man who kills him blindly. Those who do not see the difference between these two acts, between the two men, will never see anything.

Those who think that everything is equal, that everything is the same, will never think properly.

All is not worth it. Cruel contrast.

On the one hand, a man who commits himself in the name of a transcendence that may be called Catholic belief, or France, or Fatherland, a common good, a service to the public, to people, to his fellow citizens.

On the other, an inept political class. Sold. Massively corrupt, subordinated to supranational powers and conscientiously selling the best interests of our country and therefore of its people (in all its diversity).

Terrible difference between "them" and "him".

On the one hand, feminists and other self-righteous screaming "machismo" egalitarianism dripping "man-woman", the "modernity" of the "pārâritééé" it is appropriate to say while bleating as it is impossible to derogate from this mode without risking all the most odious qualifiers, whereas it is not so. Man and woman will never be the same, and this difference is fundamental. Father and mother, as important and complementary, but above all true love for a woman is to accept sometimes ... Sacrifice. We say "women and children first", because everything else is not worth. Women and children are our part of eternity. At the moment of choice, when the wind blows, some choose to take the place of a hostage. 

There is no equality (except the law of course).

Feminists deny to men the most beautiful thing, namely to voluntarily accept to sacrifice themselves for their love.

Terrible paradox

The villain was in the terrorist "S" watchlist. What a shame, you may say,  it is the failure of intelligence services! You can see it like this. In fact, if we reverse the reasoning, we will realize that all those who commit a terrorist act are on the List. This means that the work that has been done by our intelligence is of immense quality. We have been able to identify those that may be potentially dangerous.

It's very reassuring. Estimates range from 10 to 20,000 "S". The problem is neither intelligence nor registration. The problem is the political action that follows. What do we want to do with this information? Obviously not much. We are waiting. They wait, they make no decision. On the one hand, a man with the exceptional power of decision and conviction. On the other, hesitant dwarves.

Terrible contrast yet.

On the one hand, a man of steadfast faith in his Catholic religion and in his country, on the other nihilists without faith nor law - and I do not speak of the terrorist who has a good faith - but of our leaders who lead us all to the abysses.

Terrible contrast between the strength of those who believe and the power of the transcendence of certain ideas and the consumerist nihilism of our deregulated masses.

The sacrifice of this officer, in the purest tradition of the greatness of France, refers to what all the others are.

Terribly disturbing.