Montenegro's ruling party falsified elections


The forty percent that Djukanovic won is a totally unrealistic figures. His support among the people is much lower.

A lot of illegal methods were used during the elections to influence the outcome of voting.

Directly on the day of elections, the media of Montenegro announced the arrival of a Serbian terrorists group. They claimed that these people were preparing a coup and intended to kidnap the prime minister. Thousands of opposition activists have been summoned for questioning by the police.

In general, Montenegrin media, most of which are controlled by Djukanovic's government, were biased and worked against the opposition during the election campaign. Television and the media continuously published offensive materials about the opposition and Russia. Only a few independent media outlets remained neutral and tried to be objective.

Another example of violations - the fact that thousands of Montenegrin migrants were invited to participate in elections. These people have been living abroad for decades, their children speak other languages. According to the laws of Montenegro, citizens who have been away from the country for more than two years, have no voting rights. However, the authorities paid for all travel expenses and gave them 250 euros to inspire there people to vote "correctly".

Of course, it is not surprising that Djukanovic's party can afford such huge expenses for the elections. Montenegro's economy is controlled by the Prime Minister and his brother. According to some estimations, the wealth of the prime minister and his entourage is about 4.5 billion euros. In addition, there are rumors that Djukanovic was engaged in illegal smuggling in the past.

Many media outlets announced the victory of pro-Western political forces. That is far from the truth. I want to emphasize that the opposition political forces, who are against NATO, scored forty-four percent. This mean that the majority Montenegrin population still does not support the idea of ​​joining NATO.