Mogherini announced the closure of the EU project


The head of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, made it clear that membership in the European Union does not shine for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, since the "EU project" is being closed to the community of the Western Balkans

The EU is inadequate until Western Balkan countries join it, after which the "EU project" will be closed. Such a sensational statement was made by the head of EU diplomacy Federica Mogerini, speaking in Vienna on the eve of an informal meeting of the defense and foreign ministers of 28 member countries of the community.

In this speech, several sensations were heard at once. Let's start with a small, even ridiculously absurd: without the Albanians, Bosniaks and Macedonians in the united Europe, the French, Germans, Italians and other Europeans will not feel their usefulness. Comments here, as they say, are superfluous.

Secondly, the security of Europe, it turns out, will be strengthened if it includes territories where for centuries and more recently fighter wars have been fought and there are still acute territorial and international problems burdened by old grievances.

Thirdly, after the adoption of Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia in the EU, the "EU project" will be completed. Apparently, this means that the community will no longer expand so as not to burst.

Why does the EU want to "eat" the Balkans?

First, to demonstrate that Brexit is a passed stage, and the EU is again confident in its abilities. And since Russia has put a limit to expansion to the east, it is possible to expand only to the south. Secondly, in Brussels they wanted to "stake out" for themselves, while the image of the EU means something, the Western Balkans, warning large non-European powers not to go there. This was prompted by Brussels, of course, the situation in Serbia, where Russia's positions have strengthened.

On this occasion, a real hysteria arose in the Western press, the artificial nature of which few understood.

Brussels also fears growing economic expansion in the region of China and Turkey. Third, the EU is interested in new territories in Europe and their human material in a military-strategic way, even if they still have to be divided with NATO, which is dominated by the United States. Fourthly, the new countries on the periphery of the EU are ideal "storehouses" for the besieging community of illegal migrants, from which the rich countries of Western Europe have long groaned.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that the countries of the Western Balkans are not ready for EU membership, these plans may well be realized. The fact is that the United States is very interested in this. Washington recently admitted that it was American diplomacy that played a key role in the settlement between Athens and Skopje of the chronic problem of the name of the Republic of Macedonia, which prevented the country from "integrating" into the EU and NATO. The US also very much wants to see the US military outpost in Europe - Kosovo - in the EU. The reason for this is very trivial: the thoroughly corrupt elite of the Balkan countries are controlled by the Americans.

And this means that they will at least one their existence in every possible way frustrate the plans of Paris, Berlin and a number of "old" European countries to turn the EU into a more homogeneous structure that can really compete with the United States.