A Message of Hope at the Possible Threshold of WWIII: Our Hope & Toil Against Their ORDO AB CHAO


Professor / Sr. Geopolitical Analyst


During the 1960s in the United States, young people began speaking and writing the phrase, “Power to the People”, in public places as a form of rebellion and protest against the oppression of the Establishment. In 1971, the great John Lennon wrote the song by the same name with the catchy lyrical tune, “Power to the people…. Power to the people, right on….”

As solemn and purpose-driven academics and forecasting analysts, we are [and have been] witnessing a serious en-masse shift in consciousness (ontologically and not just epistemologically) during the past 15 years – ever since that fateful but despicable day in New York and Washington in September of 2001. And that observation is as the following: 

Collectively-speaking and in general, Americans of today’s generation (and even yesterday’s generation) are slowly but surely waking up from their deep 70 year old hypnosis ever since the end of WWII in Europe and in the Pacific. They are realizing (again en-masse) that not only the corrosive elements of the political power structure in Washington have been behind just about every other geopolitical evil, but that this trend has been bolstered on steroids ever since 9-11. They are realizing that the hidden that has always been manipulating their so-called “central government” is now openly aiding and comforting the enemy, for those who have the sight to see and the wisdom to understand.

By “enemy” and in the context of Middle Eastern geopolitics in this example, I am directly referring to the great state sponsors of terrorism, i.e. puppet states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well as some of the other GCC countries [who shall remain nameless in this article] and their proxies such as Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al-Nusra, and the super savages of ISIL. The training and logistical gathering of these bloody monsters, of course, was orchestrated right from the beginning vis-à-vis the Israeli intelligence [even with the presence of Mossad operational units/ military attaches] in the Special Forces training camps of Jordan, not just in 2012 [which is the most quoted point of reference date] but way before that, as one of the crucial implementation/ tactical points of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), one of the main think-tanks behind this whole atrocity that has been taking place in the Middle East since November of 2001 when Washington attacked and occupied the opium capital of the world, Afghanistan, but under the disguise of “fighting the war on terror” since the Taliban (another one of Washington’s infamous Wahhabi  proxies) hosted Osama Bin Laden who himself was a CIA asset supposedly turned loose cannon.

Again, we must not de-emphasize the great and tremendously corrosive assistance of the Zionist Regime who has been playing a very covert role in this entire so-called “War on Terror” scheme by fanning regional geo-sectarianism (within Islam) which of course have always existed in the Middle East for 1400 years [since the inception of Islam itself] but never to this barbaric Wahhabi extent, thanks to Washington’s foreign intervention as well as pure domestic idiocy within certain areas of the Middle-East. Thankfully, this trend is now openly being exposed, demystified, and hopefully stopped resulting in powerful international and regional coalitions that are being formed for the ultimate sake of neutralizing the much, much, much larger enemy at large: the globalist one-world government Illuminati system. This is not a “conspiracy theory”. It’s a conspiracy fact!

But back to the evolution of the American people, whether they like it or not, the newly alert and awake people (or at least those who are on their way) be it young or old, and empty gestures/ self-deceptive patriotic rhetoric aside, these folks are having a rude awakening to the inconvenient truth that not only there isn’t anything extraordinarily exceptional about us anymore (a reference to this utterly narcissistic notion of “American Exceptionalism”), but that it seems the only thing we are exceptional at these days is how to wage mindless, never-ending wars that will only bankrupt us as a nation. Perpetual wars that only profit certain segments of industry, starting first and foremost with those old Rothschild money changers who have not only always profited from wars during the past 200 years but actually covertly have started them, all the way down to the military industrial complex (MIC), oil companies, and steel and armament manufacturers (part of the MIC).

These politico-economic interests have no regard for human life, including American lives, not to mention human loss which they euphemistically call, “collateral damage”, an inhumane term that sounds like something that was plagiarized from an accounting ledger to hide the true ugliness of war itself.

All that aside, there seems to be no strategic insight and long term plan that such unbelievably callous treatment of others (or fully supporting those countries that are implementing these dirty deeds) could actually carry a whole lot of disastrous geopolitical karma, i.e. blow back, if not immediate but possibly an intergenerational war like the Europeans’ 100 years wars in the Middle Ages, but this time with the bonus feature of Arab vendetta. 

Having said that and may I add what I am about to say is least bit naïve, but we must never lose heart no matter how desperate the situation may appear. For starters, more and more Americans on all sides of the political spectrum, Democrat or Republican, Libertarian or Independent, Green Party or the Peace & Freedom Party are joining the rest of the civilized world in sternly opposing Washington’s idiotic and short-sighted policies which have led into nothing but wars.

More importantly, Americans, en-masse, are beginning to identify who the real enemies are and by that I mean the ever hidden hand of international banking interests, various corrosive lobbies that have hijacked the US foreign policy in the Middle East such as the usurper AIPAC, the Neo-con/ Neo-lib think-tank establishment in Washington which again are dominated by the same ilk, and amoral (and in many cases downright immoral) multi-national corporations (MNCs) that are plundering the people and the planet sorely for the sake of profit. Again, no long term orientation. No vision. So the American people are beginning to distinguish what is really going on. That is what the anti-Wall Street 99% Movement is or was all about. That is what the 9-11 Truth Movement is or was all about. That is what the Great Awakening Movement is all about. That is what the anti-police brutality is all about, etc. Some erroneously [or wishfully] assume that some of these socio-political and socio-economic movements are dwindling and slowing down. Nothing could be further from the truth! I argue that it has never been more alive and more vibrant than now, especially during this election season, but one that will not be going away anytime soon. America is on the threshold of a total revolution of consciousness – outward and inward which is all the same.

This Truth Movement is shifting and shaping literally every area of our lives – socially, politically, economically, spiritually, psychologically (micro and macro), technologically, environmentally, etc. – not just in America, but in fact throughout the entire world with a matter of nuance of course from country to country and region to region. It is very vibrant, democratic, and grassroots-based, facilitated through the rapid speed of today’s modern technology, vis-à-vis the alternative news media outlets via the internet or the good old-fashion satellite dish. And rest assure: Nothing could stop it! All the wars and rumors of wars, even WWIII itself, are the enemy’s attempts in disconnecting, disenchanting, and demoralizing people from this great shift in consciousness that is taking place. But the enemy will fail at that too. Some believe that WWIII must happen. While others even believe it should be triggered. But that’s another story for anther article.

Yes, the people in America are waking up! Of course, there are still way too many people who are so geographically illiterate that they can’t even locate Canada on a map, not to mention Russia, Iran or India. That would be second grade and God forbid anyone be educated that much!

But what ultimately matters is that Americans no longer trust the Washington establishment politicians and their never-ending domestic and international schemes. This is a great start. But ignorance is never a bliss and mere rebellion for the sake of rebellion is stupid and reactionary, not reflective. Anarchy should and must never become an option! That’s what the establishment actually wants: ignorant organic-level anarchy in addition to the system’s own contrived anarchy, aka false flag operations, so they can mask themselves as “solution providers”. In other words, ORDO AB CHAO. That is why it’s now more crucial than ever to protect the integrity of the Great Awakening Movement instead of having the Matrix infiltrate it which is what usually happens with authentic grassroots movements if not closely guarded.

This is not a new phenomenon. It’s a repeating theme in human history. But this post-modern phase started in the 1960s with the assassination of John F. Kennedy (1963), the great Malcolm X (1965), Martin Luther King Jr. (1968), and literally two months later, the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, President Kennedy’s brother and the most serious contender for the Democratic nomination for the 1968 presidential election. Instead, we ended up with the embodiment of the establishment itself: Richard Nixon, the president in whose time in office, the Petrodollar system replaced the Gold Standard. That was back in 1971. And we have all seen the consequences of that colossal shift in geo-economic and geopolitical policy. But the Petrodollar scam system itself is collapsing. Hence the root cause of all Washington’s worries to the point of wanting to trigger WWIII.

Back to the 1960’s political assassinations, the aforementioned four all took place within the span of five years. This shocked and traumatized the up-to-then naïve American social and political soul of the average law-abiding and patriotic citizen. Everything came under question, at least for a while, until Reagan decided to have his “It’s a new morning in America” presidential propaganda campaign which fooled many [even Democrats which later became known as, “Reagan Democrats”] with its message of false hope and empty patriotism, not to mention the constant demonizing of even the good parts of government in an effort to privatize big chunks of it, especially the profitable sectors that were highly lucrative to the private sector such as the defense industry, making war even more profitable. Privatization is the traditional creed of the Establishment Republicans even down to this day.

Anyway, ever since all these negative changes, people have completely lost their trust in their so-called “federal government” in Washington. This confidence in Washington has been rapidly corroding with occasional phases of oblivion such as the Reagan Era. 

Consequently, this so-called “federal government” in Washington has now morphed into a leviathan corporate oligarchy with the interesting twist that the former naïve lambs (regular American people) are slowly turning into lions! That’s exactly where we are at right now. Even if the most utterly corrupt face of today’s establishment politics, i.e. Hillary Clinton, is selected – I emphasized the word “selected” not elected – into the White House, the anti-establishment movement will not only survive but it will thrive! After the downright theft of the presidency in 2000 “elections” by George W. Bush and his backers the Texas oil interests, it’s becoming harder and harder to fool millions of now awake, aware, and alert Americans. They now know how rigged our so-called “electoral process” has always been. It’s a bitter realization for them because many of them actually believed in this so-called “democracy” which it isn’t because it never was. It has always been an oligarchy in one shape or form. On the same token, I must emphasize to never underestimate the utter stupidity [and danger] of 20 to 30% of the American electorate who are beyond any hope of saving due to their willful and insisting ignorance.

At any rate, Washington’s nearly total loss of reputation is apparent to everyone, not just in America, but across the world. 15 years after the greatest conspiracy in the post-modern human history, i.e. 9-11, the establishment’s popularity is at an all-time low. For example, the congressional approval ratings has been holding at a steady 12 to15%, while President Obama’s popularity is somewhere between 42 to 52%. Never has this country been so divided since the American Civil War (1861-1865) where the war between North and South resulted in the death of roughly 2% of the population, an estimated 620,000 men who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Ironically, the current divisiveness in the American society is happening at a time when the system  has done just about everything it can, short of WWIII which by the way it is now trying to trigger, by producing one false flag operation after the other in order to artificially and cunningly “unite” the people. But they are failing and they are failing miserably, thanks to higher levels of awareness and alertness and the overall cynicism which the system itself has inadvertently produced due to its own mismanagement and utterly failed geopolitical adventurisms and embarrassing miscalculations.  

The system has been broken for a long time. How else can you explain today’s success of a silver-spoon fed child that grew up to become today’s Donald Trump? Economically, he is as pro-establishment as they come. But the fact that millions of Americans perceive him as an unpolished candidate despite the mainstream media’s relentless efforts to character-assassinate him, courtesy of his own earlier personal indiscretions, is a phenomenon unto itself . People perceive him as an outsider which he isn’t. They perceive him as a self-made millionaire, the very embodiment and bastion of the so-called “American Dream” which has now fully morphed into everyone else’s American Nightmare!

How else could Trump have gotten away with his earlier toxic rhetoric against the Muslims or women or the Mexican immigrants? His famous Islamophobic and xenophobic rants, his misogynist Twitter outbursts against his female opponents throughout the years, and now even the latest revelations of his sexual escapades, all these have become secondary to his loyal followers because the average American, i.e. Joe the Plumber, looks at him and concludes that at least he is honest, especially when he is set up against a calculating, conniving, corrupt, war-monger like Hillary Clinton [and her Neo-con/ Neo-lib cabal] who are seemingly taking the world right to the edge of WWIII itself. Trump’s stance to negotiate and reconcile with the only other nuclear superpower in the world, Russia, is seen as a great sign of appeal by millions of Americans regardless of how much the media is trying to paint him differently.

In spite of all Washington’s saber rattling (recent and historical) the overwhelming majority of American people are peace-loving people. They are subconsciously sick and tired of Washington’s war record: literally 222 years out of the 240 years since our country’s inception back in 1776. 

The Illuminati criminals in charge of the political power structure in Washington and the economic power structure in New York have been busy fooling people for decades. But their time is up. Everyone knows it. Even they know it. People are finally waking up here. To the rest of the world, to the people in Russia and Eurasia, to people across Europe, to the people across the deeply wounded and war ravaged Middle East and North Africa, the American people are not waking up fast enough. But as an humble expert academic [and a native] who has closely studied, monitored, and examined this society and the American Model in general over-and-over for three decades, I can personally and ontologically testify that I have never seen the American people as angry, disillusioned, and disenchanted as now, but also as awake, alert, and determined as now. So, there is a lot of hope. The end of an era is the beginning of another. “Power to the people…. Power to the people, right on”.

“Hope is a good, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.”
– From the Movie Shawshank Redemption