Merkel will stay despite the impending storm


There is nothing about responsibility in our immigration policy. Angela Merkel opened the borders and invited the entire world to Germany. And now we can see the consequences.

There was a terrorist truck attack on the Christmas market in Berlin, many attempts all around Germany, gang rapes like in Cologne last New Year's Eve  became a norm and so on. This is a result of Angela Merkel's crazy politicy.

We have to close our borders - it's the most important thing to stop this madness.The second thing is to bring all illegal migrants back to their own countries. There are too many of them in Germany. But Angela Merkel just keep on promising: "we will do this". So far, nothing has changed.

There is a reason why Germany is inviting all those refugees. The point is that you cannot destabilize the Middle East for more then 15-20 years and start to wander why hundreds of thousands people are looking for better life in Europe, especially in Germany. Therefore, Germany is a part of NATO and is responsible for what happened in those regions. But, as I was always saying, the solution cannot be to invite everyone and open the borders. You cannot help the people in the Middle East or North Africa by turning Germany into those countries. I guess, we have to stop all those interventions into foreign policies with NATO. The idea of NATO was to defend Europe, not to make cruel intervention into entire world.

In my opinion, Angela Merkel will win the election in 2017. It's interesting because everyone can see what's going on in Germany and how bad the situation is. People don't feel safe anymore.But if we would have an election next month - more than 70% will vote for other parties instead of Alternative for Germany and the majority will vote for Angela Merkel's party. There will be no chance for changes in 2017. That means that her destructive policy will just keep on going.

I think that Angela Merkel is so strong because of the German mentality. Our people are very conservative and don't want any changes. At this moment Germans are satisfied with the situation - they gain good money, they have their jobs, there is a very low level of unemployment in Germany. Therefore, if the situation of stability will go on, Germans will vote for her again. Yes, citizens don't feel secure, they don't like Merkel's policy. But they are not ready to change their life radically, they are too satisfied. There is no big motivation to change the entire policy.

But there is a slow process of changing. For example, when our party started in 2013 we had only 2-3% of support. Now, in 2016 it is 15-17% in the whole of Germany. There is no fast change, it's a slow process. We have to work very hard and be honest servants of the people.Our job is to criticize the recent government and propose a new better policy.