Merkel - the grave digger of Europe


There is a huge discontent with Angela Merkel´s migration politics in Germany. The majority of the German people refuses the fall of the borders and the mass migration politics of Berlin. Merkel is not solving the problem; she is fueling it. End of July the German chancellor had a press conference: The Germans expected her or present solutions for the ongoing mass migration. But Merkel refused to say anything about how to stop the migration wave and how to control our borders again.

The migration crisis arrived in the daily life of the Germans: Terror attacks, intimidation and sexual assaults, attacks against ordinary citizens on the streets. Of course our Merkel government and their claqueur divisions in mainstream media deny all that. Nothing new.

But the people experience it. And they demand a solution. And there is no other solution than to put an end on the open border politics and to start with the deportation of those migrants who are neither persecuted nor threatened by war.

Not just the Germans, also the people in other European countries demand that political step from Berlin. All our neighbors are upset with Germany, our “refugee welcome”-anthem turned the Balkans into an “illegal migration transit zone” and the Mediterranean Sea into a grave yard. The sea shores of Greece and Italy became the bridgeheads of Merkel´s migrant politics. Today´s Germany makes Europe suffer. Merkel is seen as the grave digger of Europe.