Marine Le Pen: In the name of the people

By JÄNNICK Jérémy, CC BY 3.0,

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the french  "National Front" has published her first presidential campaign advertisment:


As long as I can remember, I have always felt an organic attachment to my country, passion for our country, and its history. I love France.

I love her with all my heart, with all my soul. I love this age-old nation, which can never be subdued… This tenacious people who do not deny themselves.

I am a woman, and as a woman, I feel the increasing violence and restrictions on liberty spread across the whole of our country by Islamic fundamentalism.

I am a mother, and like millions of parents every moment I worry about the state of my country and the whole world that we will leave as a legacy to our children.

I am a lawyer, and my years of judicial practice have left me with deep commitment to and respect for public freedoms, and sensitivity for victims suffering from the impunity of criminals.

Essentially, if I had to answer the question of who I am, I would say quite simply:  first of all, I am French. Intensely, proudly, absolutely! I suffer insults to France, as if they were addressed to me personally.

Any threat of violence or poverty that affects many of my countrymen is suffering of the French that I consider my own.

The choice that you will make in the upcoming presidential election is crucial, fundamental. This is going to be a civilizational choice.

Either you continue with those who have been lying, failing, and betraying, with those who have deceived our people and lost France, or you will decide to restore order to France. Yes, I want to restore order to France. I want the French to be able to live freely in an independent France. I want the French to be able to live securely in a respected France. I want the French to be able to live in a prosperous, protected France. I want the French to live united in a proud France. I wish for the French to live well in our eternal France. I want the French to realize their dreams in a just France.

This is the meaning of my position. This is what I'm fighting for! This is my project, which I will fulfill as head of state in your name. In the name of the people!