Marine Le Pen: France will be led by a woman, it will be either me, or Mrs. Merkel


Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen clashed in a debate on the eve of the presidential election which will be held on May,7.

The most important debate between two French presidential candidates, Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, was held on 3rd of May. Both candidates had no mutual points in their discussion and it looked like a violent verbal combat.

At the beginning, it seemed that Macron was nervous and got easily broken down by calm and ironical Le Pen’s speech. Then, the globalist managed to pull himself together, however, he could only accuse the leader of the National Front of “lie and hatred” and could not criticize his opponent more properly. Meanwhile, sociologists are playing with figures again and the mainstream mass media are using the headlines: “Macron defeated Le Pen in the debate”. Is it true? Unlikely…

The candidate of globalism: “It’s time to take off the mask, Monsieur Macron”

The debate of the presidential candidates started firstly with identification. Le Pen said that Macron is “the candidate of a savage globalization, uberization, instability, social rigidity” and the successor of Francois Holland’s policy. “It time to take off the mask, Monsieur Macron, “I am the candidate of the people, of that France that we love, of culture , civilization and the integral state that protects our jobs and ensure security for our citizens”, Le Pen said.

As for Macron, he responded by talking angrily and added fuel to the fire and said that the National Front is a “far-right party presenting hatred”. He frightened that Le Pen would inflame a civil war because she supported “radicalization and division”.

The globalist claims proudly that, unlike the “spirit of defeat” of NF, he “keeps the spirit of conquer”. Macron sees the unity for everyone: Islamists, bankers, sodomites (of course, he did not forget to mention them during the debate). Unemployment, enterprises, social issues

Social issues became the hot topic of the candidates during their discussion. When Macron explained proudly how he would give opportunities for small enterprises and change the legislation in their favor, Le Pen only laughed and reminded that, being Minister of Economy and adviser of Holland, he could not find how to sort out unemployment issue. She noted that Macron’s catastrophic policy always gave priority to large enterprises and, therefore, there was no way in developing national enterprises. “France is submissive to European Union”, Le Pen noted. “you do not have a national spirit”.

Macron responded (he used this rhetorical trick at any convenient occasion) that “Le Pen is lying” and she “does not have any strategy”. “As for Whirlpool, nationalization is not a way. I talked with the employees and they understood me”, Macron claimed gladly. “They booed you”, Le Pen replied laughing.

Le Pen said that “not everything can be sold or purchased”, but Macron objected and added that France “is an open civilization”. Also, they discussed separately about medicine, the system of social aid and retirement age.

Many people admit that Macron was convincing when it came to figures, but it is easy to say “there is no money but be strong”. For instance, French budget does not have money for additional social expenses, particularly, for decreasing a retirement age, as Macron claims.


“You do not have any suggestions how to fight with terrorism”, Le Pen said directly to the ex-Minister of Economy. According to her words, his program “does not have security”.

The candidate presented the list of measures that should be taken in the country in order to “eradicate Islamic fundamentalism”: deprive foreigners with “S” files, who have possible connections with terrorists, of citizenship, close Salafi mosques and deport those who preach hatred.

Le Pen was more convincing with this issue. She noted the globalists’ “null tolerance” towards criminals, which caused the increase of terroristic attacks in the country. Macron sees that the fight with terrorism can only be on the international scene.

Frexit and Euro zone Marine Le Pen announced that she would do nothing against the French people and she promised to organize a referendum regarding French membership in the European Union, which oppresses France and national companies.

Macron talked about any topic from the point of money, and he threatened that France “cannot cope with” the exit from the EU, and it will cost from 60 up to 80 billion euro according to his point of view. He is sure that euro integration is reality. He accused Le Pen of provoking “currency wars” and he called for opening France in all terms.

It is essential to note that he reproached Le Pen using three points: ”nationalism, protectionism, isolationism” that, according to the technocrat’s view, contradict the history.

In her turn, Le Pen reminded her opponent that before euro integration, France had its own currency and it had positive results. She reminded about economic nationalism and sovereignty which France is in need of. She also laughed about Macron’s anxious feelings towards Angela Merkel and Le Pen joked successfully: “France will be led by a woman;ll be either me, or Mrs. Merkel”

Trump and Putin

The moderators asked a separate question about the prospects of their relations with US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Macron (amusingly) said that France should be independent and cooperate with Trump regarding the fight with terrorism. Also, he added: “And the European market should be integrated together with American one”.

As for Putin, Macron said the following: he is ready to continue the dialogue about the situation in Ukraine and Syria, but he is “in no way be submissive to the orders of Putin”, hinting at Le Pen. These statements look, especially, schizophrenic, as Macron is submissive to Merkel’s dictate. However, the method of Western activists is well known: if you do not know how to accuse your rival, tell that he supports Russia.

Le Pen replied directly that, for getting real independency, France needed to “cooperate equally with the USA and Russia” and find its political place on the international arena. She highlighted that it was necessary to have good relations with Russia for building up a multipolar world.

Final word

“France that you protect is not France, it is the market”, Le Pen concluded by saying about Macron and reminded that, in fact, France “is the national culture and the people”. Being courteous, Macron responded by saying that the right forces are “parasites”.

But the brightest dialogue that showed the great difference in the programs of the candidates happened at the end of the debate: “I want radically change France”, Macron said. “And I love France the way it is”, Le Pen replied.


Certainly, after the debates, the polls appeared. It is important to note that the sociologists played again with figures. For instance, the Research Institute Elabe interrogated 1314 people (by the way, 66 million of people live in France!) and came to conclusion that 635 of TV viewers support Macron, 34% - Le Pen , 3% - abstained. The newspaper Figaro that is traditionally against Le Pen published other numbers: 64% - Macron, 36% - Le Pen.

The second round will be held on May, 7 and it can bring a surprise to us.