Marginalization of the Finnish Government


The new leader of the "True Finns" party is Jussi Halla-ahot, he supporter of the Kiev authorities , the author of the first Ukrainian-Finnish dictionary.

Jussi Halla-aho was convicted by the Finnish Supreme Court for inciting ethnic hatred and blasphemy. As a European deputy in Brussels - he is a marginal politician. For more than 20 years, Halla-aho has been a strong supporter of Finland's membership in NATO. It requires strengthening the EU's sanctions regime against Russia. Among his cadets he is known as "Master". Because of his victory, the Finnish government is threatened with disintegration.

"True Finns" are now in the Finnish government, therefore, the situation is critical. The Finnish government now has two ways out of the situation: either to agree to cooperate with Halla-aho and accept his candidates for ministerial posts, or to dismiss all ministers of this party from the government and organize urgently new elections for the parliament. In any case, we are now in a crisis situation.

"True Finns" is a multilateral party, there are those that are constructive towards Russia. The party was never clearly anti-Russian. Some members of this party even support the idea of ​​returning Finland to Russia. But there is an anti-Russian wing, which is headed by Halla-aho. A former employee of the Finnish Embassy in Kiev, he considers the capital of Ukraine to be one of his native cities.

Halla-aho is considered one of the most vivid anti-Russian figures of the European Parliament, he recently proposed to strengthen the sanctions regime against Russia and the citizens of Russia. In his blogs, Hullah-Aho calles to shoot people and rape women. He was convicted by the Supreme Court of Finland for inciting interethnic discord and blasphemy, for insulting Muslim and African migrants.