Libya. Fierce fighting in the South


What is happening in the south of Libya?

Libyan patriots are constantly fighting and with terrorists, and with local bandits.

That's what I was told on March 12 by one of the supporters of the Libyan Resistance, with whom I met on the Libyan-Tunisian border.

What are the tribes of Tubu fighting for?

The tribes of the Toubou nationality of Libya are common in the south of Libya (on the border with Chad and Egypt). These are the nomadic tribes of people with dark skin who have lived in Libya for many thousands of years. They are peaceful tribes and fully used their land and homes at a time when Libya developed under the leadership of the leader of the Libyan Revolution, Muammar Gaddafi. He reasonably supported all the nomadic tribes and provided them with assistance, respecting their freedom.

Tribes of Tubu remember that in 2011 the NATO alliance committed aggressive regime change in a sovereign country under the false flag of democracy. The tribes of Tubu fought shoulder to shoulder with their Libyan brothers against the invaders. Because of this, they fell victim to the genocide on the part of the aggressors, just as the black tribes of the Tawergha people living in the central part of Libya.

In 2011, the US, owning the world's media, spread the lies everywhere that Muammar Gaddafi allegedly recruited mercenaries from Africa to fight "democrats", "revolutionaries", "rebels" sent to Libya by NATO special services. This was a blatant lie, but this lie was used and is still used by radical Islamic mercenaries, terrorists in the service of NATO, as a pretext for the destruction of the black tribes of Libya.

For several years a terrible genocide has been going on in Libya, and today mass graves are scattered all over the country with thousands of black bodies. The world turns a blind eye to these war crimes, and many people, zombified by Western media, do not know the tragedy of Libya and its freedom-loving tribes who have not reconciled themselves to the occupation of the country by NATO mercenaries.

The tribes of Tubu, who live in the Sahara desert, are more difficult to destroy, because they are scattered over a large territory. NATO's aviation is more difficult to bomb, they have few cities, and NATO mercenaries are more difficult to "hunt" for them in hard-to-reach areas of the desert. They are people of the Sahara, they know the desert perfectly and can hide and defend themselves.

 Tribes of Tubu are still loyal supporters of the Libyan Jamahiriya. They support the Green Libyan Resistance, which has been fighting for seven years with NATO terrorists, radical Islamic mercenaries who still hold some cities in Libya and continue to plunder the natural resources of Libya.

About the role of Haftar

Khalifa Haftar, a CIA agent and traitor to Libya, is one of these criminals fighting against the Libyan tribes. Haftar disguises himself, arguing that he, to help Libya, is fighting against the Green Resistance militias, and mercenary terrorists. He lived in the United States for many years. In 2011, he was sent to the CIA in Libya to head his proxy army of mercenaries, abandoned to Libya.

After the country was bombed by NATO and occupied by mercenaries of this alliance, Haftar was appointed, contrary to the opinion of the Libyan tribes, the head of the so-called "Libyan National Army". Haftar does not have support in Libya, but he has the support of the CIA. From the US special services, he receives money and weapons.

Haftar claims that it was the tribes of Tubu who were brought to Libya by African mercenaries in 2011. He demanded that the tribes of Tubu leave Libya. He threatened to continue fighting against them until they left. And it is possible that he is using gangs of "policemen" from Tripoli and Misurata against Tuba.

Hope for the elections

Enemies of Libya are afraid of Libyan patriots who are in favor of holding democratic elections in Libya.

Tribes of Libya along with the African Union support the candidacy of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. They believe that he will be elected, the country will get rid of mercenary terrorists and the construction of a new, sovereign, free and democratic Libya will begin.

I will quote the famous song of the Libyan resistance, which the tribes of Tuba sing.

 The song was born in Kufr:

We were born here.
We live here.
We are dying here.
We say: "No" - aggression!
"No" to the aggressors!
"No" to the invaders and imperialists.
Kufra against aggression.
People here hate aggression.
Yusuf was killed by the aggressor, whom he served

The aggressor continues to be atrocious.
This is our land, its eternal history knows us.
Our soul lives in this desert, this is our land.
We will continue our struggle!

The aggressor will be banished!

Kufra will be free!