Liberals betray Christians in the Middle East


How do terrorists, liberals, and Protestants disparage Christians in Syria and Iraq?

Just recently, an 88-page joint report by non-governmental charitable organizations providing assistance to Christians in Syria and Iraq was appeared.  The authors not only describe the true plight of our brothers and sisters in faith, but stress that Christians have been secretly excluded from plans for the future reconstruction of Iraq.

The country is going to be divided into three parts - a Shiite part supervised by Iran, a Sunni one overseen by Turkey and the Kurdish, and a Sunni one, too, but under the control of the Kurdish nationalists. National and religious minorities such as Yazidis, Sabaean, Armenians, Assyrians and Arabs, who are Christians, have no place in the future of Iraq.

Despite the fact that 10 years ago more than half a million Christians resided in the country, and the Nineveh Plains are the cradle of our faith. There are ancient monasteries and temples situated in this region. In Nineveh, now Mosul, for example, there is the tomb of the Old Testament prophet Jonah. It was destroyed by ISIS when the terrorists seized the city.

However, the persecution of Christians began long before the appearance of ISIS. In 2003, Americans and their satellites invaded Iraq. The West did not want to go into the details of the relationship between ethnic and religious groups, so the policy of “controlled chaos” was chosen. Because of the West, a civil war between Shiites and Sunnis began in which the Christian communities that were traditionally prosperous become easy prey for militants on the one end and the other. Those who fled to the north, to Kurdistan, became second-class citizens. In a suburb of Erbil, a city of refugees formed called Ankawa. President of Iraqi Kurdistan Masoud Barzani is building a mono-Kurdish Sunni state, so he perceives Christian refugees as a threat to his ambitious plans. Therefore, when ISIS units came to the Nineveh Plains, and then started the genocide of all “infidels” in June of 2014, Peshmerga suddenly left the Christian areas and watched the slaughter.

When ISIS terrorists came to Baghdad and Erbil, Iraqi and Kurdish authorities were seriously frightened and began to form militia units for fighting terrorists. The first volunteers were Christian refugees wishing to return to their own homeland. But the leadership did not want to give them weapons, and all funds from international organizations were appropriated.

The process of forming Christian brigades was delayed. As a result, groups such as “Dveh Navsha” were buying themselves weapons on the black market and went to the front. A number of volunteers from Europe and America are still fighting in their ranks who genuinely do not understand why Western countries spend millions on the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga, but do not give a penny to help Christians.

In neighboring Syria, by the way, Orthodox teams have established themselves as the most persistent divisions. For their fourth year already, they are keeping the defenses surrounding Deir Ez-Zor, they participated in the capture of Palmyra and the deflection of the attack on Hama.

In the end, the Christian divisions played a key role in the liberation of the East of Mosul. Peshmerga and the Iraqi army are simply afraid of advancing deeper into neighborhoods transformed by ISIS terrorists into solid fortifications. The Babel Brigade was fighting at the same time underground. Using tunnel systems dug in the Middle Ages by monks, the soldiers passed beneath minefields and broke through jihadist defenses.

However, if armed Christians could stand for themselves, then the situation with refugees is worse. In refugee camps, Muslim majorities mock Christians whom they rob, rape, kill, and seize documents from.

At the same time, the people of Europe, where the main refugee flows go, prefer not to divide along religious lines either out of “tolerance”, laziness, or a complete misunderstanding of the situation.

Last year, in December, the British refused a visa to three archbishops from Syria and Iraq who were to come on the invitation of Prince Charles. At the same time, Great Britain granted political asylum to Wahhabi preachers of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization who were condemned to death in Egypt for preparing terrorist attacks, including the bombing of a church in Cairo.

What kind of madness: European Protestants behave worse than Wahhabis - at least from the latter everybody knows exactly what to expect.

Protestantism is Christianity for neoliberal globalists, with the liberal branch of Protestantism committed to “animal hatred” against the Orthodox Church. A different example is Donald Trump’s initiative to help refugees, Christians, and the way he criticizes Protestants.

Catholics have mainly supported the US President's initiative. In fact, they raised money to help volunteers fighting ISIS in the Nineveh Plains. Protestants, Baptists, evangelicals and Seventh Day Adventists, who previously supported anti-government protests, now accuse Trump of violating Christian ethics of the “Good Samaritans”. Deftly juggling phrases from the Bible with the help of their keyboards, these para-Christians have become the real, main agents of globalist neoliberal policies in this sphere.

Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.