Liberals are terrified


In two states of Southern Europe, new governments came to power. Despite the geographical proximity, similar cultural and historical features, Italy and Spain are moving in different directions. And immediately two powerful information waves passed through European, and then world media.

First Italy. The new Minister for Family Affairs, Lorenzo Fontana, openly stated that for him there is only one kind of family: husband, wife and children. The politician studied political science at the University of Padua, and also graduated from the European University in Rome, majoring in the History of Christian Civilization. Fontana openly opposes abortion, civic cohabitation and so-called gay marriage:

The natural family is attacked. They (homosexuals) want to dominate and destroy our people. "
These kinds of statements produce the effect of an exploded bomb on the Western elite and on the press. They were unequivocally considered Italy as "their territory", and many were simply not ready for the fact that people with such "backward" views will come to power in this European country. The press hysterically attacked the new Italian minister. The Italian version of the ultra-liberal edition of the Huffington Post in horror quoted his words that he "is proud to be a Christian."

At the forefront of the offensive is the famous pop singer of the unconventional sexual orientation of Tiziano Ferro. This activist came out with harsh criticism of the minister, and large liberal media immediately replicated his words.

Italy as an example

As a result of prolonged behind-the-scenes battles, a Eurosceptic government was formed in Italy. Despite the fact that young politicians had to cede pro-Brussels elites to a number of points, the new cabinet can still be considered a traditional one. In addition to people like Lorenzo Fontana, the leader of the "League" party Matteo Salvini, who headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs, came to the government.

Obviously, under the leadership of the rigid and principled Salvini, the department really will start to fight one of the main problems of modern Italy - illegal migration.

Another blow will unequivocally be aimed at the hegemony of Brussels. Paolo Savona was appointed to the post of Minister for Relations with the EU. This is the same person, because of which pro-Brussels elites nearly blocked the formation of a new government. Savona is a consistent Eurosceptic, an old-schooled man, a supporter of harsh measures. Obviously, it will make the life of the European bureaucrats much more difficult.

Uniqueness of the situation

Parliamentary form of government is extremely unstable. it was intentionally planted in Europe for several centuries to consolidate the power of new (this time commercial) elites. The format in which political parties are compelled to form coalitions, is aimed at restraining the most zealous supporters of a course change. The current situation in Italy is different in that more than half of the votes received two new anti-system parties. The deterrent mechanism failed, and for the first time in a long time people came to power expressing the opinion of the people.

A few days have passed, and the main vectors of the struggle have already emerged: traditional and family values, as well as the fight against illegal migration, fall on the shoulders of Salvini and other ministers from the League, while economic stability and confrontation with Brussels now depend on the "5 stars" and several independent ministers.

Undoubtedly, the battle for Italy is only at the beginning, but the very fact that such processes are taking place in Old Europe eloquently testifies that there is still hope.