The liberal world order is a myth


French Atlantico published an interview with an expert on international relations Benjamin Addad. In it, he argues that the liberal world order, which has been so much talked about recently, is in fact a fiction that grows exclusively from the US foreign policy ambitions. Are the words of Addad true, and how has the world management system changed?

In the beggining

Contrary to the widespread misconception that globalism is an objective process of the development of the world, the facts speak to the contrary.

Globalism and the system of supranational institutions were created by people who saw their own personal good in the development of such a system. Using the methods of manipulation and contrivance, they managed to create the illusion that globalization is historically justified. But what was it really?

One can agree with the assertion that such a system was built with the aim of increasing the enrichment of elites that stood behind the scenes of the United States. The well-known political scientist Immanuel Wallerstein says this:

     The United States was one of the pillars of economic and political development after the Second World War. And they were, at least, from 1945 to the 1970s, almost a hegemon. The hegemon as a function has the ability to create a world order in which capitalism is gaining momentum, profits.

Indeed, America, in fact, gave birth to the Bretton Woods monetary system, which destroyed the "gold standard" system, ensured the sovereignty of national states and prevented the destructive forces of globalism from destroying traditional identities. As a result of this conference, institutions such as the IMF and the IBRD were established. These organizations have acted, and still operate exclusively in the logic of globalist neoliberalism, the core of which is the idea of ​​universalizing the world with the goal of creating an ideal consumer. Destruction of identity should serve one purpose - the eternal enrichment of the elites. However, at the moment we can say that the liberal world order, which if it could be considered a myth only on the basis of the theory that he worked in the interests of one single state, or rather of the people behind him, began to change and acquire features a real new phenomenon that can hardly be called a myth.

Rebuilding the system

Now we can observe the transformation of the world order system. It enters the post-American stage of its development, namely, to the stage when the carrier of the virus is no longer needed, the era of globalization has already passed. At present, it is dispersed everywhere so that nation states are no longer needed as conductors of the system.

President of the United States Donald Trump makes a number of statements about how he opposes globalism, and that free trade is not an absolute good. However, in reality, we do not see any real changes, even despite various trade duties. In fact, this is a consequence of the transformation of the world system.

The philosophers Negri and Hardt in their joint work called "The Empire" wrote about this change of poles of the periphery and center as follows:

The spatial division of countries into three worlds has become so confused that we are constantly discovering a third world in the first, and the first in the third, while the second world has practically ceased to exist.

And today there has been a modification of the world-system, that is, of a system of capitalist order that proclaims the division of the world into a center, semi-periphery and periphery (the term was introduced by the well-known political scientist Immanuel Wallerstein). The era of controlled infection is replaced by an era of controlled global chaos, the main purpose of which is to accelerate the unification processes.

The New World and the Empire

As it is obvious, the global system consisted of the creation of extremely convenient conditions for the free running of capital, which in its way erased any barriers, be it national states (the formation of the European Union), people not ready to play by the specified rules of subordination to imperialism (Gaddafi, Kennedy) or traditional forms of collective identity (the nation - the revival of cosmopolitanism, the destruction of the institution of the family, and so on).

Thus, globalism created an entirely new culture, or rather, anti-culture. The erasure of national and any other traditional form of identity created an atmosphere in which capital, which in this case can be used as a synonym for globalism, became absolutely total. There is a system of controlled chaos, which accelerates the destruction of humanity. At the same time, the methods of managing the community also change.

Instead of acting by habitual methods of dictating their will through all the same heads of state, they began to use methods of political technological manipulation, consciously laying the system of attitudes at the mental level by propagating ideas and values ​​through mass culture, advertising and so on.

A completely unique state of self-destruction is created. People themselves deny their tradition and forget the relationship, they themselves destroy the habitual hierarchies that are unprofitable for the global elite. Control of the "Empire", this is how they call this system, becomes comprehensive and does not leave space for free action.

The result

We are witnessing a process of changing the tactics of globalization. Its totality began to express itself in new forms. Thus, the order is being reorganized into a new system of political control, in which all classical forms and institutional developments begin to lose meaning, as the acceleration of the rate of destruction is proclaimed. This is the diagnosis of the modern world. The question is, is it possible to destroy the disease, until it completely destroyed the body?