Liberal democracy is suffering a defeat in Europe as well as in the Czech Republic now


A politician, who is independent of the liberal establishment and who wants to improve the lives of citizens and save the country, won the parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic.

An undoubted winner of the parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic was the center-right ANO movement ("The action of dissatisfied citizens"), created in 2011 by billionaire Andrej Babiš, an ethnic Slovak whose fortune takes second place in the country. Almost 30% of voters supported candidates of the party with the abbreviation, which means "yes" in Czech. This party together with the right-wing radical party "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) run by the businessman and "nationalist" Tomio Okamura (10.64%) and the Communist Party (7.7%) are ready to negotiate about creating a ruling coalition and they have enough mandates to form a government. President MilošZeman has already stated that he will give Babiš, his old friend and like-minded person, the opportunity to form a new government, despite the ongoing investigation into corruption charges. In contrast to a number of politically motivated politicians from the liberal camp, the politically experienced Czechs were not impressed these clumsy attempts to remove the popular leader from the election race.
Why did the Czechs vote for Babiš?

The Czechs know that Babiš does not care about money.  He has enough of it without them. They believe that he has higher ambitions: to help his country and its people survive and live better.Babiš said in his last year's interview with the Financial Times in London: "People change their motivation in different periods of life, the money does not motivate me, I cannot even spend that much money.  I do not need private airplanes, yachts, new cars, and parties". He added that he wants to "make decisions and move on." The father of four children, a skilled businessman and an excellent organizer, who has a fortune of $ 4 billion, he has achieved everything and would have made more money if he had not been involved in politics. Trump got impoverished, too,  when he took it up, despite unabashed accusation of corruption.

Babiš became a politician, using his talents for the benefit of the whole people. He appreciated it. Voters punished brutally the outgoing government of the talkative social democrats in the elections in and supportedBabiš. As a junior coalition partner (2013-2017), he served as vice-premier for economics and finance minister.  So-called ill-wishers called Babiš the "pro-Russian fraudster with a troubled past," who actually increased tax collections in the treasury by hundreds of millions of euros, reduced the external debt of the Czech Republic, spurred the implementation of infrastructure projects. As a result, the Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU today and a 3% economic growth, which is very rare in Europe. And it is exclusively done by  Babiš - "Czech Trump". Outgoing Prime Minister Social DemocratBohuslavSobotka was not engaged in economics.  Voting forBabiš, the Czechs voted in this way for the creator of their economic miracle. They were sick of the incompetent politicians who were using business for their benefit, covering their insignificance with lectures on political correctness and "modern European values."

Not only economy

However, the voters supported Babiš's movement not only because they knew that he would make economy and finance better. It was also a question of values and the real ones. The main topics of its neighbors,  Austria and Germany, in the recent elections were illegal migration and Brussels’s attempt to eliminate  the identity of the EU member states, the dictate of liberal democracy, which differs from the "populist" that opposes the "tyranny of the majority." Instead, we stake on all kinds of minorities. The adepts of this dangerous doctrine consider such a democracy (which means in Greek “the power of the people”) it's "improved", higher form,  as a way of neutralizing the interests and aspirations of the invariably "fascist" majority. Although the Bolsheviks could also say that they are also supporters of the power of the minority and its control over the majority. The Czechs, like the Russians, and many other Europeans, "got fed up” with this system in their times. Therefore, the Bolshevism is incarnating in the form of the militant liberalism with its "refugees" and all kinds of perverts, and its attempts to silence people and make them not believe their eyes, do not trust their intellect and common sense, as we see, all these do not attract the Czechs.

And although Muslims in the Czech Republic is less than 1% of the population, and over the past year it has officially adopted fewer than 20 "refugees", the Czechs understand that this stream can turn into a powerful stream at any time that can overwhelm and destroy their small country, in case no precaution actions are taken. Therefore, Babiš, who protested against the mandatory quotas for "refugees" in the EU member states ("The introduction of quotas for migrants will be another invitation for them") and opposed the further European integration (but not against the EU and NATO),  appeared on time.

78 seats out of 200 are a phenomenal success. 22 mandates of the "nationalist" party Okamura (his father is of Japanese-Korean origin, his mother is from Moravia) and another 15 mandates of the Communists who failed to take part in the elections, but are unlikely to refuse to cooperate withBabiš, who started his political career in the Communist Party, will be sufficient to form a stable anti-liberal cabinet. The mainstream parties refused to enter the new government, where no one invited them, as soon as he was headed by a person charged with a "criminal offense." They pretend to believe this.

Sanitary cordon around Germany

The victory of Babiš's in the elections in the Czech Republic led to the appearance of an anti-liberal belt to Europe - Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria -  around Liberal Germany, where the right-wing National-Conservative Party "Alternative for Germany" (AdG), typologically similar to ANO, entered  the parliament for the first time in the last election. It could be said that it is a protective belt, which Italy, probably,  will also join in 2018, where parliamentary elections will be held too.

The history of these countries is the following: if German militarism, dictatorship, and aggression threatened these countries in the past, but now Germany has become the stronghold of the ultra-liberalism destroying Europe. But there is a dictatorship, too: to take "refugees" without saying something, continue to delegate all the new power powers of the EU. Recently, the idea of introducing the euro in the whole community appeared in Brussels and Berlin is behind this idea. The Czech Republic, which preserves its national currency, is not at all delighted with this.  It does not like the idea of the "two-speed Europe" defended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Eastern, Southern, and even Central Europe fear that it will discriminate inevitably the countries that refuse to quickly join the European Union.

"We must prepare topics, propose to the Council of Europe what we want to change, improve food quality twice, address migration, combat migration and other issues," the leader of the "dissatisfied" Czechs said. Among the possible allies (besides Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland), he named Austria, Croatia, and Slovenia. As a large businessman, who is active in European countries, Babišis an ideal figure to succeed here.

"Certainly, we have an ally from Austria - Kurz, whose position on the issue of migration coincides with ours," the leader of the ANO said, talking about the young winner of the Austrian elections Sebastian Kurz. The German satirical magazine Titanic called him "baby Hitler" and suggested killing him "as a joke”. In the same manner, American and European liberals offered repeatedly to kill Donald Trump as "not our president" without thinking about any consequences for themselves.

The mutation of liberalism in Bolshevism is on its way: someone who adheres to other views must be dead, should not sit in parliaments, must shut up and obey without talking. The future Czech prime minister does not call himself in vain "enemy number 1 for this political system." We can not doubt that we will soon hear the calls to "kill Babiš ".

Zeman and Russia

After Babiš  has come inpower in the Czech Republic, the big ratings of  president MilošZeman are already being strengthened. Two pragmatists run the state - this is very bad for Brussels, and very good for Moscow. The Czech Republic with number of 10.5-million people has considerable weight in Europe. This means that Moscow will be able to expect greater understanding after the Czech and Austrian elections.

And one more thing. in Europe, where liberal democracy  is close to collapse after the electoral victories of Kurz and Babiš and thanks to the retaining power over Hungary, Viktor Orban, we can see the forgotten traits of Austria-Hungary (which together with Russia became a victim of the First World War and Revolution, instead of living together and for a long time) begin restoring.