A Letter To Russia

Source: Katehon.com
Source: Katehon.com
The US President walks on a razor blade and he would like Russia to keep him company.

Dear Russia, 

The global Deep State is going shallow to fascinate the world with “big changes” and new fears, and it looks like Hollywood-style deceptions still work very well. The most popular genre is war spectacle and terrorists staged around the globe. For whom? The English and Americans have been intoxicated and hypnotized for decades. The Deep State is too egocentric and money/numbers-(Kabbalah)-oriented to ever become human. Actually, part of the Deep State sleeps in the US President daughter's bedroom, while the other parts of the Deep State sit in the US President's office. The US President walks on a razor blade and he would like Russia to keep him company. They are just trying to effectively mimic you after failing so much with you, and they are ashamed. Choosing people whose physical appearance is similar to your great people at the top of the country is another deception. Look closely and do not get carried away by Tillerson, Conway and Mad Dog - they are just bad copies of Mr. Lavrov, Mrs. Zakharova and Mr. Shoygu. The “unpredictable” US President is just playing unpredictability. His “unpredictability” is not the outcome of any strategy or foresight on how to run the country. His unpredictability comes as from business tactics, which he uses to make better deals for his jobs. And, now they all take part in Soros’ games. After all, it is not so easy to get out of those “circles”. At the end of the day, the USA is a very deranged corporation, and it needs businessman to save it from bankruptcy – on the other hand, its politicians are morons. 

We've seen it all, dear Russia – two big groups of citizens, both completely convinced that it is they who fight for the right thing, inspired by leaders on both sides, opposed to each other in their own country, about their own things - benefit comes only for those who organize, either action or counteraction. And it has been lasting for months. We were the testing field for all their evils. They tested it on us in many ways. 

But, why do you care, dear Russia if the “American people” are doing this or that? Is there someone in Russia who sees idols in the US? Why? The USA is a spoiled child of hysterical parents, compared to you, Russia. Who cares if this has ever happened in the life of average American?! But, seeing from here, in Serbia, it happened several times in the life of an average Serbian. From different perspectives, on different levels, for different reasons - and it still does not stop, but no one really cares. And we, Serbia, we are posed to overtake Germany's role as the nation of genocide and war crimes. No, this does not belong to us and we will not play this role. We do not play roles, as they do. They have paid actors in Serbia and they gave them security and protection, but they cannot protect them from us. They see us every day and they are afraid of us. That is why they need protection and walls and circles of security. That is why they drive through Serbia with big entourages. They are afraid of us. And those who paid them to play, they cannot save them from fear of us.  

And, we, Serbia, we are always your future. Whatever they did to us, they would like to do to you. We are your vanguard. You are too big and we are too small, it is easier to test on the small. But it is not always about amount and quantity, which would lead to certain results.

And,it was our guy who gave the light to the entire planet - it was our guy who disturbed the false elites' plan about electric energy a century ago and then they definitely decided to finish us, but it is a tough job. J.P. Morgan could only destroy Nikola Tesla's lab and that is all. Sooner or later, the celestial mechanics will start to work against J.P. Morgan and the rest of the false elite – as Nikola Tesla told them a century ago. There was another guy of ours, whose cosmic and astronomical calculations are used everywhere and NASA is helpless without these calculations (in the same manner in which US space ships can not work without Russian mechanics). And it was our guy who beat the shit out of Churchill (not in war, but with his fists, in the center of Belgrade). And there was Dragoslav Draža Mihailović, whose warrior's honour and dignity saved Europe and helped in defeating the Nazis in Africa by stopping the flow of weapons to them. He was killed by communists, but memory about him cannot be wiped out. And Europe knows very well who he was, but it wants to forget and to celebrate Hitler.

Unfortunately, we have cowardly people now, both in power and in the false opposition, false artists, false analysts, false businessmen, maintaining deceptions, against our state and against our people. But, we, Serbia, we are not them. We are also Europe's vanguard. We saved Europe so many times. Europe is ungrateful and is bullying Serbia, together with our own traitors. We are not like them –  we are neither ungrateful nor bullying. Do not judge us by traitors and cowards imposed by our colonizers and exterminators. We had Turks and their collaborators for 500 years, but we survived. We will survive again. The US, UK, EU, and NATO are such cowards compared to the Turks. We will kick them out, too. Sooner or later. 

We are a small country, but we have enlightened the world in many ways. Remember just 30 years ago – remember 1991-95, remember 1999, and remember the Hague, dear Russia. We opened the book to the world, exposed how the “international community” really works – but nobody has read it for a long time. And we were alone. In the war in 1999, there were 61 NATO planes downed (and not only those). NATO’s navy was away, their boots were away, they did not dare step foot on our soil. Do not forget that, dear Russia, while being obsessed with the great game. We are small, but we've played the great game. We opened the road to fight those destructive cliques. We showed the signs – maybe it was not even out aim, but that is how we react in fight – not our traitors, but we, Serbia – we dismantle the enemy. Now, our army is an LGBT army of sick Anglo-American plans and our police is protecting our own traitors - both the army and police are humiliated. But we are with you, dear Russia, with our Orthodox brothers and we know you are with us. May God help you, Russia, as much as we. We’re helping and giving our best humans for humanity. 

The first German bullet after WWII was shot at us. Never forget that, dear Russia. They would like to bury us because of that – they would like that it was not them who shot the first bullet, after Nazi Germany – but it was them. They would like to forget and they would like everyone to forget. They help terrorist and human organ/narcotics dealers from UÇK and made them into a false state on stolen Serbian lan, to protect both terrorists and themselves. A typical coward story: kill the messenger who showed the world who is the real coward. They cannot kill us. You know the English, Dutch, French and Germans (and Yankees, their progenies), dear Russia. They are thieves of foreign lands and resources, killers of children, torturers of peoples, all the while making false histories. They were ready to first destroy their own people… Not much to add. Today, it is more than obvious.

Our calendar shows it is year 7535. We write you from the future, dear Russia. Although the Berlin Congress (1878, according to their calendar) killed our history and rewrote the maps, then Alexander Lehr (1941) and then the “Allies” (1944)  bombed our history, they did not kill us and our memory. And, as Plato says, memory is knowledge, too. They could just occupy us. But we are here and we are always the future. Sometimes, the now wants to obsess us with the ongoing messy present, and the foreseeable future seems messy, too, although it is clear… We write you from your future, we've seen it all. You look at us and you will see you. May God bless you, dear Russia.