The legacy of Fidel Castro after his death


November 25, 2016. Coming home. A weary day. After doing the usual household stuff, I serve myself a coffee and sit on the couch, annoyed by traffic from the streets.

Turn on the TV set to hear as background noise the University channel. I take my laptop and turn it on. Open my browser that automatically goes to the news pages and the first thing I can see is a picture of the Commander Fidel and a news header of red background and yellow letters, saying: "The Cuban President Raul Castro officially announces the death of the leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro."

I feel that a stream of ice running across my back. I cannot give credit to the news. Immediately change the TV set to the newscasts, which are broadcasting the words of President Raul. I call my wife and tell her the news. Her reaction is similar to mine. I go through another internet news pages. It’s hard to believe it. When finally I’m convinced about of the veracity of the news, a strong pain goes inside me.

Images of different stages of my life come to my mind. From my childhood, my parents talking about Cuba and Fidel. My teen years, at my desk, with "The Diary of the Che in Bolivia" on one side and a compilation of speeches by Fidel on the other side. Of my youth, in the free times, between the classes of Genetics and Molecular Biology, discussing the progress of Cuba and its comparison with what was happening in Latin America. I realize that both Che Guevara and Fidel have always been omnipresent in my life. They were my example to follow. They were my guides, my ideals.

I get in to Facebook to see other opinions. I see in my friends’ of elementary and high school, in addition to my friends of youth and adulthood, exactly the same reactions to the mine. I talk with them. We exchanged opinions. We are all shocked. We feel a hole that will be impossible to fill. Yes, his legacy, his memory, his teachings will be present and will be eternal. However, the Commander is no longer there. "The Man of the 20TH century" will no longer be there to show that the imperialism and its invulnerability is a lie. Commander Fidel Castro Ruz, not a minute of silence, but a lifetime of struggle. Country or death, Venceremos! Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Fidel Castro survived 60 years of pressures from the imperialism. Fidel Castro survived 11 American Presidents. He survived 638 attacks from the CIA. He was a symbol of support in all and each one of the revolutionary struggles of the second half of the 20TH century and the beginning of the 21ST century. In America; in Africa, in Asia, around the world. His ideological influence was compared to Nelson Mandela, but in truth, and the example of the struggle of Fidel, was greater and more penetrating than the one of the great fighter that defeated apartheid. He was the light of reference among four or six generations in Latin American freedom fighters and in many other parts of the world. He was a great friend and reference of other renowned fighters like Salvador Allende, Omar Torrijos, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, José Mujica, Daniel Ortega, Lula da Silva, Nestor Kirchner, Nicolas Maduro. And that just in America. In the world there were several more.

The little David who challenged Goliath, and beat him. The giant of 1.91 m tall that convinced the Cubans that the sacrifice for freedom was worth.

The achievements of Cuba and Fidel is sample to follow by any other country of the so-called "emerging" in the world, despite the brutal North American blockade for 60 years.

But above all, his convictions of freedom and the Socialist ideals, his firmness and persuasion in the fight, his courage and hardness to the ravages of imperialism, the mafia, the transnational corporations, which could not defeat him, despite the lies that were invented against him and of Cuba, became it our guide in the struggle for freedom and justice. Above all, it was omnipresent in our lives.

Commander Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, the history not only absolved you, but you are the History.

Rest In Peace, Commander.