The lecture of Trump’s advisor Carter Page in Moscow (Video)


Advisor to US presidential candidate Donald Trump Paige Carter has arrived in Russia. Today, at 19:10, he will deliver a lecture at the Moscow World Trade Center. The topic is "The evolution of world economy: trends and potential"

Full version of the lecture:



Carter Page is one of the youngest advisors of Donald Trump. He is an energy and economic development expert, particularly regarding the countries of the former Soviet Union and the socialist bloc in Eastern Europe. He collaborated with the Council on Foreign Relations, where he led a research group on the Caspian Sea region.

Page lived in Moscow for three years, where he was advising Gazprom. After the reunification of Crimea with Russia and the beginning of operations in Ukraine, he was one of the few American experts who called for understanding the actions of Russia.

Page came out openly against the interventionist policy of NATO, which, in his opinion, provoked Russia with its expansion.