Is Lapid's Rainbow coalition counting on the blessings of AIPAC?


The Israeli society of the XXI century (80% of Jews compared to 20% of Arab population), would be a melting pot of races, customs, languages and values that would only have in common their Jewish origin and in which a coup would be taking place from the silent hand of an ultra-orthodox minority, the “haredim” who only represent 10% of its population but who would be a state within a state. Indeed, in a larvae process they would be engulfing all the sensitive areas of the power of the Jewish State (Interior, Housing, Mosad and the Tzáhal (Jewish Army) commands to try to impose the “Halajá” or Jewish law to more than 40% of population that declares itself secular, a segment of European affiliation, immersed in Western culture and way of life and that wishes to be governed by civil law as in other formal Western democracies.

With Netanyahu, the risk of implementing a regime would have increased. theocratic under the control of the Chief Rabbi in which the ultra-Orthodox will be the dominant caste despite being a minority, although already today, they would be an idle caste (6 out of 10 do not work and dedicate themselves to the study of the Torah) that would enjoy of perks and privileges, that it would have the secular population as servants to pay for their maintenance, health and education as well as the defense of Israel's borders and that it would impose its laws on 43% of the lai population ca, of which the fact that the Israeli State does not allow civil marriage would be paradigm.

After the signing of the government pacts with the ultra-orthodox United Judaism parties of the Torah and Shas, which gave way to an executive of nationalist and religious forces, Netanyahu tried to eliminate with a stroke of the pen the "secular revolution" initiated in the previous legislature by Yanir Lapid. Thus, according to the Yediot Aharonot newspaper, Netanyahu promised to freeze a series of reforms undertaken by the previous Executive on economic cuts among the ultra-Orthodox community, modify the reforms in the conversion laws and in the universal enrollment law, which for the first time once forced about 60,000 haredim (ultra-Orthodox) to enter the Army due to the wave of social protests from a middle class who complained about the exaggerated privileges they received despite not contributing “to the public coffers or to the weight of national security ”.

For his part, Lapid in statements to the newspaper Yediot Aharonot stated that "the ultra-Orthodox may continue without recognizing the State of Israel, obtain billions from taxpayers and live without working", so it is not surprising that since 2007 there has been an annual growth of its population of between 5 and 10%, (twice faster than in the national group). The decline of the Welfare State in Israel would therefore only affect the secular and urban population, so in the In 2011 about 250,000 young people started a protest in Tel Aviv in 2011 against Netanyahu's social policies and in demand for housing, planning, policies for the labor market, health and public education, Netanyahu having to resort again to the manipulation of fear to obviate the collapse of the Welfare State of Israel (kidnapping of soldier Gilad Shalit).

In addition, in recent years we would be witnessing a silent crusade inoculated by the pathogenic teachings of c Certain ultra-Orthodox Israeli rabbis against the gay and lesbian community, which would be a paradigm of the attack by an ultra-Orthodox Jew against the Gay Pride March in Jerusalem, an attack that received the disapproval of the Orthodox Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld who at a vigil in Washington demanded Orthodox Jews "to reflect on whether the rhetoric of the Orthodox community contributes to this type of violence."

Is Lapid's rainbow coalition counting on the blessings of AIPAC?

The projected forced eviction of the Palestinian inhabitants of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to be occupied by Israeli settlers would have triggered a revolt in Jerusalem with hundreds of Palestinian injuries that led to the massive rocket fire by Hamas and the asymmetric response of Netanyahu in the form bombing the Gaza Strip with countless deaths. Thus, given the political impasse in which the country finds itself as the parties are not able to form a coalition government, Netanyahu (using the invisible dictatorship of fear of the Third Holocaust, come from Hamas, Hezbollah or Iran), He tried to take advantage of the occasion to declare a State of War (defense of Israel's security) and unleash a new offensive against the Gaza Strip (Operation Guardians of the Walls). Nentanyahu was confident of a quick victory that would give him an increase in popularity for the next elections while allowing him to remain in power and let the fog of oblivion cover with its cloak the judicial process in which he is accused of bribery, fraud and abuse of trust and that according to his words it would only be a “Judicial Coup to remove him from power” but the asymmetry of the punishment inflicted on the Palestinians of Gaza with more than 200 dead, hundreds of injured as well as the destruction of the basic infrastructure of Gaza , would have caused the international repudiation of Netanyahu.

However, the asymmetry of the punishment inflicted on the Palestinians in Gaza, with more than 240 dead, hundreds of injured, as well as the destruction of basic infrastructure in Gaza, would have led to international condemnation of Netanyahu and, consequently, could crystallize a Coalition Government led by the centrist Yair Lapid and the right-wing Naftali Bennett (Rainbow Coalition) that would have the blessings of the powerful Jewish lobby AIPAC and would represent the political decline of Netanyahu after 12 years in power.