Killing Serbia


Another early elections in Serbia will be held on 24th April. There is no clear reason for another early election, except the interests of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and Western embassies. When the Serbian Progressive Party came to power in 2012, the gray eminence of the party, Aleksandar Vucic said that they would rule until 2020.

It seems that this is the only promise that he will fulfill, given that he has made a small dictatorship. Other promises that he gave years ago were quickly broken. The promise that Serbian foreign policy would turn towards Russia for a better life and the eradication of corruption was a lie. But one thing in his politics is constant, and that is a vassal policy towards the West. The Vucic Cabinet is doing more for the interests of the US, Britain, and Germany, rather than the interests of Serbia. Therefore, although today in Serbia there is a media blackout, and poverty, corruption, and crime flourishes, Vucic constantly receives praise from Western centers of power.

Every year more than 32,000 people leave Serbia, with a lot of Serbs are going to Austria, therefore, it isn’t surprising that almost every 10 Viennese is a Serb. If we bear in mind that in Serbia every year 35,000 more people die than are born, for a country of around 7,200,000 people we can see how big the problem is. It is enough to say that more Serbs where born in World War II than today under the western controlled Serbian government.

To what degree Serbia is under occupation, we can see with the signing of the “agreement” with NATO, which was signed by the Serbian President Tmoslav Nikolic on 19th February 2016. The Serbian Government and assembly adopted the agreement that obligates Serbia to not only permit the free passage of NATO troops through Serbia, but also their entry into any public or private buildings, house or other objects, with total exemption from responsibility for any offense or crime. In other words, NATO is now legal in Serbia.

With this agreement Serbia ceased to be an independent state and became a NATO colony. By comparison, Hitler’s Germany had, in World War II, to accept a condition of Yugoslavia (Serbia) that for the duration of the war Germany and Italy cannot cross over Yugoslavia (Serbia). Vucic forgot that Serbian people love freedom, but Serbian people quickly reminded him with protests. The Serbian people asked that the Government urgently cancel the agreement. Western intelligence services know the history of Serbs perfectly well, which is imbued with the heroic struggle for freedom.

They know perfectly how the Serbs in the Balkans broke the Ottoman Empire, the Austro – Hungarian Empire, and Nazi Germany. Therefore, for 15 years they have been systematically destroying the two largest Serbian sanctities: the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian army. Serbia doesn’t have any more ground troops in the original meaning of the term. Instead, small brigades were created instead of armies and divisions, which Serbia had 100 years ago, on NATO’s orders. This broken and poorly equipped army under NATO requirements, based on brigades as the strongest squad, has no sense of its existence, which was the main goal of NATO.

Last year, one of the highest officials of NATO, Frank Boland, Assistant Secretary General of the Alliance as the head of the Directorate for Planning NATO forces, in accordance with the so – called PARP program, conducted an assessment or more precisely inspection of the situation in the Serbian Army. His short but accurate report to his superiors wrote that Serbia is ‘’pacified’’ and that the restructuring of a once great army into a small logistical army is at its end. Under the rule of Aleksandar Vucic and the US, Serbia continues to weaken and disappear. Serbian people urgently need help for this fight, in order to release the occupation, which began in 2000.