The Killer of Serbia


What characterizes the rule of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic are lies and promises. He continuously proclaims that things will get better, but the reality remains harsh for Serbs. Recently, Vucic said that this year Serbia is among the top three countries in Europe in terms of GDP growth. However, the World bank quickly caught Vucic’s lie. According to their data, Serbia is not only not among the top three countries of Europe, but the second to last in the region. Below Serbia is only Macedonia, while even Kosovo, the artificial narco state, has a higher growth rate than Serbia. The statistics speak clearly. 1.8 million (24.6%) Serbian people live in risk of poverty. In absolute poverty live 628,000 citizens of Serbia, which mean that 9% of the Serbian population don’t even have enough money to eat normally.

The US intelligence CIA has also presented data about Serbia, and unfortunately they had notably gloomy facts. According to their data, unemployment in Serbia is among the highest in the world. On the unemployment rate of 200 surveyed countries, Serbia is located in 163rd place in company with African states. The only two European countries that are worse than Serbia are Macedonia in 181st place and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 185th place. At the same time, Serbia`s public debt is increasing by 5.87 million daily. The renowned expert magazine Forbes ranked Serbia in the last place in the region when it comes to quality of business. Serbia is also in one of the last places in Europe in terms of allocating funds for science. Unfortunately, Serbia is first in Europe for the outflow of highly educated people.

However, the most terrible problem is the disappearance of Serbia. By the number of immigrants per million inhabitants, Serbia has reached an historic record.

In 2013, 45,000 people left Serbia and in 2015 a record high number of 58,000 people left the country. And these are the official results, while the question remains as to how many more people are unaccounted for. In Serbia today, unfortunately, the number of people older than 65 years is higher than the number of people younger than 15 years. With the Serbian birth rate, it means that Serbia annually decreases by 100,000 people. Serbia officially has 7,041,599 people, but in reality, in Serbia live around 6,900,000. On November 27th, for the first time in the history of Serbia, the Serbian Army held protests over poor conditions in the army. The protests accused the Chief of Staff and the government of Serbia for irresponsible actions undermining the ability of the armed forces. Just this year, 1000 people left the army over poor conditions.

These are the results of Vucic`s rule. Moreover, Vucic insults Serbs. He often speaks of how people in Serbia have bad work habits, that they do not work enough, and that they should look to Scandinavians as role models. Vucic denies himself. While he fights for and represents a liberal state, he is asking from his citizens to follow the example of Scandinavians, who have a social state.

The point is that the system in Serbia is adjusted for political parties, which means that it is not knowledge that is valued, but party affiliation. That system which is being strengthened by Vucic is destroying Serbia.

The foreign policy of Vucic`s administration is directly aimed against the interests of Serbia and Serbs in the region. Instead of helping almost two million Serbs in the Balkans ( outside of Serbia), Serbia under Vucic is renouncing them. This is best seen in Montenegro. Aleksandar Vucic directly supported the ‘fake coup’ in Montenegro. The regime of Milo Djukanovic, seeing that it could lose the elections that were held on October 16th, decided to invent a coup d`etat and accuse the opposition for its organizing. Since it became clear that the coup was invented, Milo Djukanovic needed help, which he found in Aleksandar Vucic. The Serbian Prime Minister confirmed all that Djukanovic stated is true. He said that Serbian intelligence services’ operational information confirmed everything. But he did not offer any evidence. While Vucic says that Serbia has the best relations in history with Montenegro, at the same time, everything Serbian in Montenegro is subject to persecution. Milo Djukanovic is trying to forge a new identity, a new church, a new language - all with the aim of erasing any Serbian trace.

Vucic`s Government does nothing to strengthen the position of Serbia in the Balkans or the positions of Serbs in the region. It is clear that as long as Aleksandar Vucic is Prime Minister, Serbia will deteriorate. As soon as he came to power, he announced that he will rule until 2020.

Since his arrival to power, Vucic has also undermined vital Russian interests in Serbia and the Balkans. Although the geopolitical position of Russia today is complex, Russia must actively work on the overthrow of the Aleksandar Vucic regime. This is the only way for Serbia to be again an independent and strong state.