Kerry's visit to India and its importance


The major data leak of Indian naval secrets will lead to a security breach across international waterways. The US will utilize this time to more efficiently cooperate with India in intervening in the South China Sea, a resource-rich, and strategic area. The reaffirmation of India-US relations will center around controlling the Asian Pacific and Indian Ocean. $5 trillion dollars of world trade is shipped through this area each year, and fishing and petroleum exploration are important as well.

Other South Asian countries like the Philippines are also against China over the island dispute. America is coming to take advantage of this situation and act as a peacemaker. Kerry visited Bangladesh before visiting India (which speaks to links to terror and ISIS in Bangladesh). Two important contradictions are India’s intervention in the Baluchistan issue against Pakistan, and Pakistan’s international intervention against India in the Kashmir issue. America fully stands behind India in its demand that Pakistan punish the attackers of the November 26th terror strike in Mumbai and the January assault on the Pathankot air force base in Punjab.

America and India are increasing their trade by 5-fold (it is now worth $5 billion). America’s wishes are being fulfilled on Indian soil as they become strategic allies in the land, sea, and sky. Kerry even visited the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, including top students in India, to invite them to be entrepreneurs and use their Indian brains in America.

India is changing from a secular socialist state into a nationalist capitalist one. America is strengthening India’s position in order to weaken China in the Asia-Pacific region. Chinese-Pakistani relations are leading India towards America.