Katehon Stands for Freedom of Press


Recently, Katehon was once again accused of propaganda. Our Spanish editorial board published the reaction to this unfair accusations:

Katehon is an edition based on Christian ideas and is inspired by the fundamental right of freedom of expression, recognized by the Spanish Constitution and the universal declaration of Human Rights. It enables us to make the reports and articles without asking anyone for a permission.

Therefore, Katehon does not intend to destroy the democratic order of Spain. And we are not trying to convince any of the socio-liberal representatives of George Soros who are hiding behind the editorial board of the El País newspaper, which accuses Russia of all the evil that is happening to the West.

If the right-wing movement is growing in Europe, it is not the fault of Russia or this humble website, but of the nefarious management that the European elites. This is the fault of the refugee crisis that arose after European leaders enthusiastically embarked on the destabilization of the Middle East and Africa. Similarly, if Catalonia intends to become independent of the Kingdom of Spain, it is not Russia's fault or less that fault of this site that has always believed in the unity of the Spanish nation. 

Yes, In Katehon we have an ideology, but in the same way that we defend a conception of the multipolar world in which different ways of thinking are respected, we also accept democratic political plurality. In this sense, people who write for Katehon could be categorized mostly right, but throughout our existence, there have been many authors that could be recognized as leftists.

To conclude, remember that our Spanish page was created with the aim of covering the entire Hispanic world. We are trying to cover the reality, not to promote instability of Spain as the eurocentric pamphlet of the PRISA group accuses us. We don't know for what reason they make these serious accusations, but thinking coldly, it may just be someone's schizoid disorder. We'll see.