Jihadism and high treason


European citizens who wish to join the armed struggle in Syria, along with mercenaries, cannot be prosecuted for espionage and high treason to the extent that they deserve. European states cannot judge them without first considering the responsibility of their own leaders in the Syrian war.

President Donald Trump has asked his Western allies to repatriate their jihadist prisoners from the Syrian Democratic Forces and to judge them on their own soil. The United Kingdom opposed this decision, while France only considers returns on a case-by-case basis.

In withdrawing from Syrian territory, the United States admits that the Syrian Democratic Forces are not a proper army, but just a proxy force under US leadership. Similarly, they admit that there is no Kurdish state in Syria, "Rojava", that it was only a fiction created for journalists. As a result, "Kurdish Justice" was only staged and will disappear within a few weeks. Islamist detainees must either be released or handed over to the Syrian Arab Republic, which will judge them according to its own laws derived from French law. But this state practices the death penalty to which the Europeans are opposed, at least for now.

According to law, citizens of European countries who went for jihad in Syria have maintained an "intelligence with the enemy" and possibly committed a crime of "high treason". But, given the actions of Western states in this war, no Western jihadist will be sentenced in his own country for these charges.

The end of this war brings us back to reality. For 8 years, the Europeans claimed to discover a popular "revolution" against an "Alawite dictatorship". Now, the actions of European states are easy to expose and prove. They do not correspond at all to this narration: they have prepared the events that began in 2011 [1]. This war lasted so long that their lies were discovered.

European jihadists cannot be judged for intelligence with the enemy, or for high treason. The court could judge them only of their atrocities against Syrians and, possibly, their crimes at home against their fellow citizens. Because only Western leaders should be punished for high treason.

First of all, the claims that jihadist groups like al-Qaeda and Daesh have nothing common with the West - are nonsense. Indeed, it is obvious that terrorists with such military force cannot exist without the support of States.

As an example, here’s how I would defend these fanatics in France in court:

1. The defendants have only acted on the request of the French government by going to fight against the Syrian Arab Republic and its president, Bashar al-Assad. The French authorities have consistently described the Syrian Arab Republic as an "Alawite dictatorship" and called for the assassination of President Bashar al-Assad.

Thus, the current President of the Constitutional Council, Mr. Laurent Fabius, while he was Foreign Minister, said "After hearing the heartbreaking testimonies of people there (...)  I am saying: Mr. Bashar al-Assad does not deserve to be ";

It is a very particularly strong position for a country that has repealed the death penalty.

So there is no confusion. We understand well that this call for murder was not only addressed to the Syrians but to all the French, to the City of Paris, with the initiative of its mayor, Mme. Anne Hidalgo, who organized at the Eiffel Tower a day of solidarity with the Syrian opposition. A recruitment office was then set up at the foot of the Tower, which was welcomed by the press.

Admittedly, this support was less visible after 2016. Finally, five years after the beginning of the events, the French authorities have taken measures to stop departures in Syria. But it did not contradict their previous statements so that the defendants could believe that France had not changed its position on the legitimacy of their actions.

2. All the defendants benefited from the indirect help of the French government during their jihad. All the jihadist groups have been financed and armed from abroad. The Pentagon tenders show that the Pentagon has established permanent channels to import weapons into Syria [2]. Non-aligned press inquiries have established evidence that tens of thousands of tons of arms were illegally imported into Syria during Operation Timber Sycamore, first controlled by the CIA, then by the private investment fund KKR [3]. At least 17 states, including Germany and the United Kingdom, participated in this trafficking. Moreover, if it is not proven that France has directly participated in it, it was surely involved in the distribution of these weapons, via the LandCom (Land Forces Command) of NATO in which it joined the integrated command.

3. Defendants who belonged to al-Qaeda-backed groups received direct assistance from the French government. This is evidenced by a letter delivered by Ambassador Bachar Jaafari to the Security Council on 14 July 2014. A letter dated 17 January of the same year, signed by the Commander-in-Chief of the  Free Syrian Army, exposes the distribution of ammunition offered by France to the jihadists and specifies that a third is allocated by Paris to the Free Syrian Army and that the other two thirds must be transmitted to al-Nusra. Did not Mr. Fabius say that "al-Nosra does a good job" [4]?

At the beginning of the conflict, it was customary to recall that in 1981, during the Lebanese civil war, Syria had assassinated the French ambassador Louis Delamare. However, in addition to thirty years separating this event from the beginning of the war against Syria, it had already been sanctioned by amiral Pierre Lacoste.

It was also said that the Syrian Arab Republic undermined the interests of France, killing former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. France supported and still supports the hybrid organization known as the “Special Tribunal for Lebanon” to judge the presidents of Lebanon and Syria, Emil Lahoud and Bashar al-Assad. However, this organization (which plays the role of both the prosecutor and the headquarters of the magistrates) dropped the charges after the testimony turned out to be false to the prosecution. No one believes this false accusation, except for the employees of this organization and their sponsors, even the children of the victims. For example, Bahaa Hariri, the eldest son of Rafik Hariri, paid a warm visit to President Bashar Assad last month.

To lead a war against a friendly country, Syria, French leaders have supported without hesitation jihadists. In doing so, they not only undermined the image of France in the world, but also French interests: they put an end to a fruitful anti-terrorist collaboration and deliberately sided with the terrorists. Some of their protégés subsequently returned to France on their own initiative to commit attacks.

These leaders should therefore be prosecuted before French justice for complicity with terrorist organizations that have committed crimes in France, for intelligence with the enemy and for high treason.


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Thierry Meyssan