It's time for a new system for Europe

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The following is from an interview transcript


Kloblenz’s meeting was indeed a very important conversation. In all the speeches of all the leading Eurosceptics from different countries, one thing was clear: we are all united by our common enemy. Our common enemy is the Brussels. The "monster" is the European Union. All Eurosceptic forces within the movement for Europe of Nations and Freedom are now directing all their forces against this monster.

But we cannot simply be united by our enemy, we have to be united also once this enemy is gone. When the European Union ceases to exist - in that moment we also need a concept for Europe. We know today, this will be a very different concept than the concept of the European Union which we are fighting against, for some very good reasons.

But what should the Eurosceptic movement do now? Time is running out. We might win elections in France, in Netherlands, in Austria, in Italy. What will we do then, when the monster is dead and the EU doesn’t exist anymore? How will we deal with each other? How will we avoid problems? How will we deal with different national interests and how will we be able to create Europe? It can be only a geopolitical pole if we are united in the main questions still to be answered.

I want just to give you a short example: What if one European country says "Russia is our worst enemy" and we have to place sanctions, while the other European country is saying "no, Russia is not a threat".

That is a very decisive question for European foreign relations. The same question will come, for example, when we look at how we will deal with terrorism with terrorism? How will we deal with North Africa? How will we deal with the Middle East? It can only be a Pan-European solution on these things. It cannot be that one country is supporting terrorism, while the other country is supporting the forces which are fighting against terrorism.

Right now, all these topics are on the whole horizon. Eurosceptics are concentrated on their war against Brussels. The questions of the future seem to be far away. But these questions can really appear this year after French elections. Eurosceptics have to develop a sort of new system for Europe right away.