Israel launched a powerful rocket attack on Damascus. Should the World be Nuclear War?


Israel launched a missile attack on Damascus. The attack has already been called the most ambitious lately. With their attack, the Israeli military chained dozens of people to hospital beds, as a result of the attack children were killed.

On the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus, as well as the city of Homs, on the night of Monday, July 1, an air attack was carried out, which the Syrian air defenses could repel. According to reports, the missiles were launched by Israeli Air Force aircraft. Unfortunately, such attacks by the Israeli military have long since become a tradition, although the illegality of their actions is clear.

What happened

On the reflection of an air attack on the outskirts of Damascus and Homs, the state television Syria reported, according to which three missiles were shot down over the Syrian capital. The attack occurred at 00:30 local time.

The victims of the Israeli air raid were four people. Moreover, previously replicated information about the dead child. 21 people were injured. The fact that the attack was carried out by Israeli aircraft from Lebanese airspace, said the source at the international airport in Beirut.

"According to our observations, before attacking Syria, ten or more Israeli Air Force aircraft entered the airspace." write about 50 victims of the air strike. At the same time, the information has not yet been confirmed.

All the victims were taken to Hisham hospital in Damascus. Add, "People's News" in this watch is replicating the new video of the Israeli attack.

Israel's biggest attack

If we are talking about the chronicles of the last days, Israel has dealt the biggest criminal attack on Syria. Such is the assessment referring to the Ministry of Defense of Syria and the message of the Syrian state news agency SANA.

The Israeli Ministry has traditionally not commented on its own actions.

Israel can put the world on the brink of nuclear war

That is what Michael Peck wrote earlier in The National Interest. He insisted that Tel Aviv is concerned that another missile base of Iran may appear in Syria, on the border with Israel. At the same time, the United States declared that it was hardly preparing for military action against Iran. The Americans explained their training by the fact that ostensibly in the "satellite imagery" it is clear that the Iranian troops are "ready to attack" the US military.

If in Syria the Russian servicemen are hit by Israeli aviation, Moscow, having lost patience, will respond in the same way. And here the “big brother” of Tel Aviv may intervene. If the United States supports Israel in the conflict with Russia, all this could turn into a global nuclear conflict, says Michael Peck.

In Israel, of course, they understand that a possible conflict is not beneficial for either side. Nevertheless, in Tel Aviv, Moscow is not considered an ally.

At the same time, it was reported that Israel believes that Russia can be “used as a lever of pressure” on Iran. In Tel Aviv, they say, they are waiting for the moment when Moscow will withdraw Iranian troops from Syria. At least, wrote NI, the parties allegedly agreed on this during Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow.