Islamic eschatology and its relation with Christian eschatology


Eschatology makes a distinction between the end of history and the end of the World. There are two separate events. The World will end when the mountains are going to become pieces of cotton. The World will end when the present material Universe will be transformed into something different. Space and time – in the new World they will be different.  And the World will end with Resurrection, when all people will come out of their graves in a new life to be judged, reworded or punished by the Lord God. This is the end of the World.

But before the end, Islamic eschatology believes that there will be an end of History. The historical process will culminate with the final and conclusive triumph of the truth of all rivals with the final and conclusive triumph of justice, injustice, and oppression. Islamic eschatology locates that the end of History will arrive with the return of the truth messiah - the son of Mary – Jesus Christ. And he will restore in the Holy land the true state of Israel.  And so we recognize the present state of Israel to be an imposter. It will be replaced to a true authentic Holy state of Israel, which has come from Prophet David and Solomon. The present state of Israel is the world’s greatest oppressor. And there is a zero tolerance for oppression in Islam. In this aspect there is no difference between Christian eschatology and Islamic eschatology.

We both have the same views concerning the end of History. We expect the end of history to come first and the end of the World to come after. When the World will end - I don’t know. Only God knows it. We cannot offer any opinion on that subject. But when history will end – yes, we have so much evidence and signs, which shows that the end of History is approaching. We are close to the end of Time.