ISIS – the False Islam


The mission of Dadjjal is to deceive. The word “Dadjjal” means to deceive. He operates by deception. The most important accomplishment of Dadjjal is to remove real money with value in gold and silver and to replace it with paper money with fictive value. Dadjjal is using this paper money to oppress and enslave man. It is time for Russians to recognize what many Muslims already recognized, that this paper money is Haram. When Jesus returns will he use Ruble? No, he will use gold coin and silver coin.

Also Dadjjal has a mission to de-fake Islam. To make the World look at this imposter Islam and consider it to be the real Islam. He created ISIS to present to the world the ugliest possible face of Islam. The religion of Islam attracts mankind. People’s hearts are attached by Islam, that’s how Islam came into the world. It is a religion of love and peace. But now we have ISIS - the diversion of Islam, which people are scared of and are running away from. That is why there are thousands of refugees, fleeing from ISIS. This is the evidence - that ISIS does not have Islam. Dadjjal attempts to sabotage and ruin Islam.