Iraq War Report


Daesh destroyed Mosul water pipeline

About 40% or 650,000 people in Mosul are in danger after Daesh (IS) destroyed its water pipeline and food is also running out for the civilians inside the city.

Daesh gangs are using the most horrific means of killing the civilians trying to flee Mosul, targeting them with IEDs, ‘sniping’ their children to prevent them from fleeing and using civilians as human shields.

Their snipers shot 15 children attempting to flee as a warning to others and they are also staging public executions as a deterrent as they killed 27 civilians in Mosul's Muhandiseen Park last week.

A spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said: 'We continue to receive reports of serious breaches of international human rights and international humanitarian law by ISIL (Daesh) in and around Mosul.'

'The limited supplies of food and water are running out, amid concerning reports of food insecurity emerging from the city,' and poor families are struggling to feed themselves amidst rising prices.

UNICEF's Iraq representative said: 'Children and their families in Mosul are facing a horrific situation. Not only are they in danger of getting killed or injured in the cross-fire, now potentially more than half a million people do not have safe water to drink.'

Meanwhile, Daesh’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi believed to be somewhere near the Syrian border, has told his 5-6,000 remaining fighters that there can be no retreat from the city.

About 74,000 civilians have already fled Mosul and the UN is preparing for as much as a million people are made homeless as winter and food shortages set in.

Kurdish Peshmerga sacrificed 1,600 fighters in the war

A total of 1,600 Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters have been killed since Daesh took control of large parts of the country in June 2014 and not since the Mosul operation began as originally reported.

Mosul and Imperialist “Human Rights”

US-led Iraqi Special Forces are pushing through the eastern suburbs, clearing them house by house and their tactics are simple, crude. They call for airstrikes, artillery or tanks to destroy any building suspected of being used by Daesh or booby-trapped with explosives. Civilian casualties have been justified in advance by claiming that Daesh is using people as “human shields.”

The Iraqi military claimed that it has killed 1,000 ISIS fighters, whereas Daesh has claimed over 3,700 pro-government and Kurdish troops killed over the same period. West Erbil Hospital, 80 km from Mosul, is admitting 150 military and civilian casualties every day and the only wounded civilians are those in areas liberated by government forces.

Mosul, with a 4,000 year history, is literally being destroyed in order to “save it.”

However, the US and their EU lackeys did not demand ceasefires or “compliance with international humanitarian laws” in Mosul as they frequently do in Aleppo, demonstrating their attitude that war crimes is only determined by who benefits from them.

In Aleppo, their interests are threatened; hence their desperate calls for action. However in Mosul, US interests are being asserted, so civilian deaths are downplayed or outright denied. As we reported before: according to them, there are no terrorists in Aleppo and no civilians in Mosul.

Whenever they speak of ‘human rights’ we should understand it to mean ‘Western interests’, and their criminal imperialist wars and neo-colonial intrigue will be the final nails in their coffin.

Erdogan’s Ataturk dream becoming a nightmare

A century after Ataturk, one-third of Turkey’s population is Kurdish and these 25 million Kurds constitute more than 60% of all Kurds, the remainder being in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Armenia.

History is returning to the region with a vengeance and Erdogan has dispatched a Turkish contingent to the area, against the protest of Iraqi government, claiming that “Mosul belongs to the Turks.”

Meanwhile, the Kurdistan Regional Government has taken control in the majority-Kurdish region with the direct help of Israel that has been looking for a foothold in the Arab world for decades.

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is openly advocating Kurdistan independence and has been supplying them with weapons and training for years, even before Daesh appeared on the scene.

The US, in typical ‘tail-wags-the-dog’ fashion has no alternative than to follow Israel’s lead and Turkey’s inability to manipulate them, has called for a separate deal. As Iraqi Kurds support the PKK ‘rebels’ in Turkey, Ankara started bribing the Kurdish Regional Government by illegally buying Iraqi oil and even visited Erbil  to develop economic relations, despite Bagdad’s objections

After a recent visit by the Kurdistan’s Prime Minister, Turkey proposed the opening of consular offices in Ankara. Despite fighting the PKK in Turkey, they are now pitting one group of Kurds against another.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Kurdistan is the most peaceful area in Iraq and refugees of the war raging in the rest of the country are fleeing to settle there in droves.

Even Armenians have found a safe haven in Kurdistan where they are not only welcomed but even have representation in parliament.

It seems that the Kurdish Regional Government is prepared to sell out its PKK brethren to save its own skin, yet it remains a beacon of hope for all the Kurds in the region, especially those in Turkey.

Hence, the biggest fears of the neighboring countries hosting Kurds as minorities, is the decades of destabilization inherent in the threat of an independent Kurdistan that may slice large sections of territory away from them.

However, the prime colonial, neocolonial and imperial strategy of ‘divide and rule’, may not work this time. Yet, it seems the only thing we learn from history is that we don’t!