International reaction to Putin's victory


Vladimir Putin began receiving congratulations from foreign leaders and politicians in connection with a convincing victory in the presidential elections.


The Chinese leader congratulated Russian citizens on the right choice, noting that Russia plays an important role in the international arena.

Xi Jinping stressed:

China is interested in the continuous development of contacts with the Russian Federation. "

China, in terms of its own weight and influence on the state of affairs in the world, is Russia's main partner and ally - both politico-military and economically. From both countries, whose leaders have the most friendly feelings for each other, trust and sympathy, in many respects depends on what our planet will be tomorrow.


The result of the presidential election testifies to the high confidence and support of the citizens of Russia for the sustainable socio-economic development of the country, strengthening its authority in the international arena, "
- said in his congratulations the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

The head of Belarus expressed his confidence that

historical ties of friendship and mutual understanding of our peoples will become a guarantee of further expansion of the Belarusian-Russian strategic partnership. "


A convincing victory in the elections is a testament to the high appreciation of the great contribution of President Vladimir Putin to the development of his country and the promotion of its national interests by the people of Russia, the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said in his congratulatory telegram. He also noted Putin's personal contribution "to the development of traditionally friendly and good-neighborly relations" between Kazakhstan and Russia, which "serve as a vivid example of strategic partnership and alliance."


Putin at the head of Russia is needed not only for its citizens, but also is a guarantor of stability for the whole world, the congratulatory telegram of Moldovan President Igor Dodon says. On behalf of his country, Dodon confirmed Moldova's "full interest" in the

further deepening and expansion of a comprehensive strategic partnership with the Russian Federation, based on the good and friendly relations between our countries and peoples that have historically developed over the centuries. "
He called Putin "a great friend" of Moldova, recalling that with his direct participation and support, extremely important agreements were reached between our countries on opening a Russian market for Moldovan enterprises, on a migration amnesty for tens of thousands of migrant workers from Moldova working in Russia " .

Today, Russia led by Vladimir Putin has become a symbol of hope for all peoples who stand for stability in all regions of the world, for sovereign domestic and foreign policies, for traditional values, "
"Dodon stressed.

Congratulations from Italy

It is this aspect of the Russian president's activity that the European figures who are beginning to determine the political face of Europe appreciate. Members of the coalition Matteo Salvini ("League") and Georgia Meloni ("The Brothers of Italy"), who won the recent parliamentary elections in Italy, congratulated Vladimir Putin on his re-election on social networks.

A good job, Mr. president, "Salvini wrote on Twitter and Facebook, expressing confidence that Putin will continue to work for the good of his country, as all the recent years."
Melony, in turn, pointed out that "the will of the people in this election seems to be absolutely certain and indisputable."

Western countries are unhappy with Putin's victory

Leading politicians of the main Western countries are slow to comment on the results of the presidential elections in Russia, during which the people supported President Vladimir Putin in confrontation with the West, giving his national leader a credit of confidence and a new mandate for building a truly strong country in all areas.

At the moment, the most senior figure, commenting on the election results, was the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas:

Russia remains a complex partner, but its assistance will be needed to resolve major international conflicts. We want to remain in the dialogue, we expect a constructive contribution from Russia. "

The United States refused to congratulate the Russian President on his victory.