INFOWARS' David Knight: A lot of people have woken up in America


Well you know it's like trying to turn a great big ship around. There is a lot of momentum going in a particular direction and, of course Donald Trump is not going to take office for another couple months, it will be in the middle of January before the swear in.

But we are very hopeful speaking to you in Russia, just as Donald Trump and Putin talked yesterday. And we hope that not only this is going to be a de-escalation of tension between our countries, but we also believe that they can join together against our common enemy - ISIS.
We have been looking at the situation with Hillary Clinton and Obama, with her state department with a moods that they have been making. She called it the "Russian reset", but what she did was a reset of the Cold War.

Many of us, here in America, were saying: "this is absolutely insane". You know, Julian Assange said, "We don't know what Donald Trump is going exactly to be, but we do know what Hillary Clinton is." She is a warmonger and she hates freed of of speech. We are very glad to see her defeated. We are hopeful and we expect that we are going to get something that is much better.

I think that we might actually see some real results against ISIS when they are the enemy instead of Russia being the enemy.

I love how a lot of people have waken in this last election here in America. They understand what the issues are better then they ever had in the past. So, it's vital for us to continue that "other voice", because they have to understand that the neocons, the global elites, are united across political parties at the top and they have the cooperation of individuals within the mainstream media. Therefore, we have to get another voice out there.  And hopefully what is going to happen is that the vast majority of Americans have now awaken to the issue.

They say that they have a real choice, for the first time in my lifetime. They had a real choice from outside of the political establishment. But in order to make this happen, the people are going to have to remain engaged and educated and be aware of the tactics and techniques that are being used. The things start to move from one direction to the other. We have to speak to try to keep this on course.

We can see that Obama and Hillary wanted to restart the Cold War for their own purposes and purposes of the Military Industrial establishment.
And that was just a continuation of that tactic and really didn't find any credibility with the American people, we understood what's going on.

Here in America we have an expression called a "Red herring". And that's what they were trying to do, because we also are talking about red baiting which is a long tradition here in American politics - trying to make the Russians a bigger enemy then they need to be, trying to make them more aggressive.

People saw through that and they understood that politics of blame and it was absolutely ridiculous. Nobody was really buying that except for the inner core of the Democrat Party and that wasn't enough to sustain them.

I think Russia and the U.S. Are going to help each other in the fight against ISIS.

We have to understand that during Hillary's State Secretary tenure and the Obama administration, in the most charitable way to look at this, they enabled ISIS to be created.

But I think that we here at "Inforwars" and some others, understand that they played an active role in the establishment of ISIS. Hillary Clinton's foreign policy set the Middle East on fire.

If we can stop trying to prevent Russia from attacking ISIS, if we can stand together against this mutual threat, I think that would be a massive win for both sides.

Of course, we expect Russian people, British people, and French people to take back their governments from globalists.

We can all work together in our own interests and have amiable relationships as long as we take down this globalist elite from the top.