Indian Policy is Multipolar


Shelley Kasli, the CoFounder & Editor of “Great Game India” magazine explains the recent Atlanticist shift in Indian foreign policy:

Although now we have a more pro-USA trajectory, this does not mean that it is anti-Russian. Policies usually last for more than 10 years. You cannot change policy every year. It is a long-term development. You cannot analyze it on a one-year-only basis.

Russian policy is oriented towards the development of a new multipolar world.

Now for India is in a time in which we are allying with certain geopolitical powers. But generally, India is a non-aligned country. Cooperation with and the contributions of India will continue to develop in this regard, even though it is not going against the Western system. The current perception is that Modi’s system is not exactly oriented towards groups, but there is a hint of cooperation with the West. India will involve itself in any project which it sees as good for the entire region, including with the Russians. For now, we have also opened up for cooperation with Iran, Pakistan, and other Asian countries. Iran has opened direct access to Russia, and this opens up many other different possibilities. Indian policy is thus multipolar.

Indian policy has always been drafted in relation to a number of countries, as is the tradition. We do business with almost the entire world, and we are a huge country. Now, there is a move in the direction of the Western powers.

Theoretically, it is possible that the Americans could initiate a revolution in India, as they have done in other countries. But it is not just about the US - any country can organize a revolution in another country if it wants. We have seen this in recent history. There is a market for revolutions and it's getting more and more organized.  And it is not just America,  but other countries are doing it too. It is highly organized business now. Anyone can do it - Russia or the US.

Russia has always provided India with joint projects. It has provided us with technology as well. But that cooperation has been slowly neglected for the last thirty years. We can develop cooperation and gain a lot of technology and military equipment from Russia, and Russia can gain from the Indian market.