Independence Day of US - hijacked feast

Instead of Independence Day, the Fourth of July for the modern United States is the day of Dependence, of Great Addiction.

On July 4, the United States celebrates Independence Day. On this day in 1776 was adopted the Declaration of Independence of the United States from the former metropolis of Britain.

The holiday is anti-British and anti-imperialist. It invites reflection on the fate of the United States and the North American Logos.

The first thing that comes to mind is joy for Americans freed from the monstrous capitalist stranglehold of racist exploitative England, the citadel of world thalassocracy. It was great. There has never been anything worse in the world than the British Anti-Imperialism.

But not everyone can benefit from freedom. Not everyone can use it to their advantage. In the beginning, the U.S. sought to build in America the opposite of the former metropolis - a state of free communities, most often religious ones. But the common denominator of such communities was capitalism, a continuation of the same English economic system, including slavery, the reduction of everything to the power of money, oligarchy, and complete spiritual and cultural degeneration. Freedom used in the interest of Capital is not freedom, but slavery.

As long as the U.S. remained a peripheral power, closed in on itself, this was acceptable. After all, how various religious sectarians and extravagant fantasists like the Mormons and other still stranger sects want to live, it was their business, their choice. 
But then something irreparable happened. A group of British oligarchs - such as the racist and imperialist Cecil Rhodes, responsible for the genocide and brutal exploitation of Africans - saw that the British Empire was heading for the end and decided to prepare a former colony, the United States, to take its place.

And then the British imperialists began to turn the U.S. back into the territory of the Empire - but no longer as a province of London, but as its center.

After World War I the role of prophet of this American capitalist world Empire was taken by Woodrow Wilson. His 14-point declaration on the U.S. role as guarantor of world democracy became the program of American imperialism and globalism. Thus, instead of a pole of freedom, the U.S. gradually turned into a world hegemon, a gendarme and global dictator.

In the twentieth century, the U.S. followed this path - albeit with hesitation. Republicans and conservatives tried to return to the good old isolationism - the State of free communities. Patrick Buchanan wrote with bitterness, "In the 20th century, the United States gained the whole world (well, almost the whole world, let us be clear), but lost itself”. So it is. And finally the U.S. has lost itself irreversibly – symbolically choosing leftist globalist senile liberal maniac and neo-con Joe Biden.

Trump desperately tried to save the old America, initial anti-imperialist America. America celebrated in its Independence Day… But he lost.

At the core of the American identity, at its origins, lies an entirely different philosophy - not liberal messianism or capitalist imperialism. Americans are realists and pragmatists. For them, the only thing really matters: that things work. That is the criterion of truth - it works. And it does not matter whether it is politically correct or not very politically correct. The main thing is that it works. This way or another. That is the core of doctrine of Charles Sanders Peirce,  William James or Josiah Royce.

This kind of pragmatism is the profound original will to American freedom. It based on the clear and radical refusal to prescribe any norms – any ontology, any a priori “law” -- for either the subject or the object.

That is true American Logos. “Do what thou willt” and be happy (or unhappy – it is up to you to decide) with the results. And you can start always anew. As Absolute Beginner.

Very attractive attitude, in my opinion. And in no way compatible with what a globalist, ultra-liberal, intolerant, aggressive America has become today. 

So instead of Independence Day, the Fourth of July for the modern United States is the day of Dependence, of Great Addiction. I mean not only drugs, although the country is rapidly drowning in drug addiction, but also visual, sensual, virtual and digital addiction. That is addiction to an alien imperialist British ideology, to the false and anti-American mission of exporting liberal democracy combined with the proliferation of military bases everywhere.

But there is another America, one that is in deep opposition to the Present controlled by globalists.

The America of Republicans and Trump supporters, the America of the Great Awakening.

One wishes her to rise up and fight for true freedom - freedom from those who have hijacked, perverted, and turned the root American ideals into their opposite.