Is the impeachment against Bolsonaro prepared?


Bolsonaro's triumph

After the khaos that emerged in a Brazilian society corroded by corruption and that reached the then President Temer, the ultra-rightist Jair Bolsonaro triumphed in the ballot, who formed a government supervised by the Trump Administration with the avowed objective of turning Brazil into the paradigm of the new geopolitical and economic order of the US neocon establishment in Latin America and the Caribbean. Said plan would be based economically on the absorption by the Pacific Alliance of the current supranational economic structures (ALBA and MERCOSUR) and politically on replacing Governments refractory to the dictates of Washington (Nicaragua and Venezuela) by Governments that will gravitate in the orbit of the USA. Likewise, the Trump Administration considered Brazil as a potential ally on the global scene that it could support for its entry into the UN Security Council after the assumption by Brazil of the role of "new neocon gendarme" in South America. was preparing the entry of Brazil into NATO as a “global partner” as Colombia was already doing in its day, with which the web was being woven that the invasion of Venezuela will attempt on the horizon of 2,022 and of what would be a paradigm of joint opening with The US, Peru and Colombia of a military base in the heart of the Amazon, a project known as Amazonlog 17, a project that after Joe Biden's victory will be forgotten.

Bolsonaro and the Trumpian heritage

Bolsonaro's ideology included the essential points of the Trumpist ideology: Manichaeism, use of fake news, cult of the leader and settlement of "politically correct". Thus, Bolsonaro's thought would be rigid and incorrigible: it does not take into account the contrary reasons, it only collects data or signs that confirm the prejudice to turn it into conviction and suffers from a delusion of grandeur that causes that “the individual believes himself endowed with an extraordinary talent and power due to the fact that the deities have chosen him for a high mission ”(Defeat Socialism). He would also possess a DNA endowed with the Trumpist triple enzyme (autocracy, establishment of the neoliberal paradise and return to the“ single hetero-patriarchal thought ” ) and would pursue the establishment of an autocratic system, a form of government exercised by a single person.

Autocracy, from the Greek autos (for itself) and kratos (power or government), would be the form of government exercised by a single person with absolute and unlimited power, a kind of endogenous parasite of other government systems (including the so-called democracy formal), that starting from the chrysalis of a party proposal chosen through free elections that came to power, metamorphoses into a Presidential leader with clear autocratic overtones (inflexible, centralist and authoritarian), which corroborates Lord Acton's thesis “Power tends to corrupt and absolute Power corrupts absolutely ”. Autocratic systems (de facto governments) would therefore be a kind of invisible dictatorships supported by solid strategies of cohesion (manipulation of the masses) and social repression (enactment of Decree-Laws that would touch constitutionality but that will be covered by the democratizing veneer of the Court Constitutional), obvious symptoms of the totalitarian drift of the Bolsonaro Government under the tutelage of the Armed Forces. As in the case of Trump, Bolsonaro's propaganda was directed not at the individual subject but at the Group in which the personality of the one-dimensional individual is diluted and is wrapped in scraps of false expectations created and common longings that sustain him and his electoral strategy is It was based on Trump's motto (Law and Order) and on the uncompromising defense of fascist neoliberalism as the last stronghold of individual freedoms against the “Totalitarian Socialist State of Lula”.

Impeachment against Bolsonaro?

Bolsonaro would have become the living reflection of the Trumpian incongruity that manages to unravel any opposition strategy that is minimally rational and, as in the case of Trump, his controversial decisions and demonstrations would border on megalomania, “understood as a delusion of grandeur that causes the individual to he is created endowed with extraordinary talent and power because the deities have chosen him for a high mission ”(to implement the fascist neoliberal paradise in Brazil). Bolsonaro's paranoia would have been aggravated by being affected by the so-called “hydris syndrome” cited by the English doctor and politician David Owen in his work “The Hybris Syndrome: Busch, Blair ant the Intoxication of Power”, a term that comes from the Greek word "hybris" and that means excess.

Thus, the frivolization of the coronavirus by Bolsonaro (the coronavirus is a flu) as well as his refusal to adopt surgical measures in the main sources of transmission of the coronavirus in Brazil, has resulted in a real nightmare with its consequent collateral effects in the form of trail of infections (about 14 million); deaths (more than 360,000 deceased), collapse of medical services, stoppage of productive activity and entry into recession of the economy, a daunting panorama before which Bolsonaro is only able to exclaim that "Brazil is a barrel of gunpowder" due to the restrictions implemented by local Governors such as that of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria, who has described Bolsonaro as a “psychopathic leader”. However, Joe Biden would have written off Bolsonaro and seeks his political defenestration and the first move would be the ratification by the Brazilian Supreme Court of the creation of a commission in the Senate to investigate Bolsonaro's performance in the current pandemic, not being A forthcoming impeachment against him is ruled out, accused of "leaving office and not safeguarding the lives of Brazilians" after which Bolsonaro will be left to his own devices and at the mercy of the future judicial processes that await him.