Illegal migrants disunited Italy and France


Italian Economy Minister Giovanni Tria refused to go on a working visit to Paris, where he was to meet with his French counterpart

Bruno Le Mayr. This happened after the Italian Foreign Ministry called for the protest of the French ambassador because of his country's position on the case with illegal migrants on the vessel "Aquarius" belonging to one of the "human rights" organizations.

These structures, existing with the money of Soros and Co., organized an impeccable "taxi" between Africa and Italy to bring to Europe hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants from all over the world who are picked right off the coast of Libya. Each of the "passengers" paid for the smugglers for the transportation through the Mediterranean Sea more money than the average European has on his the bank account.

Nevertheless, these people are perceived as victims of need and deprivation, of military actions, worthy of all kinds of assistance. Italy under the new government is trying to get rid of this hypocrisy, and to remember about its own citizens, their traditions and culture.

Therefore, Rome decided not to leave unanswered the statement of the official representative of the French government Benjamin Grivo, who called the actions of the Italian authorities in the case of the "Aquarius" "cynical and irresponsible."

Grivo also quoted the words of his President Emmanuel Macron, who announced a "dramatic humanitarian situation" on board the ship, which was experienced by over 600 "illegal immigrants" there. Macron considered himself entitled to remind the Italians "of international maritime law, which says that in the event of a disaster the nearest shore takes responsibility for the reception," and that the French would do so.

How it was

After wealthy but uninvited guests refused to accept as well Malta, those invited to Spain, the new left government which can not disappoint globalists in anything, and Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez not only for the first time in history refused to swear on the Bible, but also provoked Basques to join the Catalans in order to eliminate the integrity of the country. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the European Union and a number of European politicians spoke on behalf of migrants who simply had to return to where they came from. They blamed the fact that there were over a hundred children and several pregnant women on the ship.

Among those who "threw a stone" in Rome were the European Commission and the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. These voices were a great disappointment for those who believed that the European Union was serious about the mind and intended to turn, even temporarily, into a brook a threatening sweep away the "old" Europe's migration tsunami. All of them opposed the corresponding decision of the deputy prime minister, the head of the Italian Ministry of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, the leader of one of the winning "Liga", a great friend of Russia, in the last parliamentary elections. It was a blame for the position of the politician who wrote in his Facebook that he wants "to guarantee a peaceful life for these children in Africa and our children in Italy" and that Rome thus "says" no to "trafficking in persons and illegal migration."

As a result of the scandal, the Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte planned to visit Paris on June 15 was questionable. Salvini, in this connection, demanded "official apologies" from France, indicating that if they do not exist, Conte "will do the right thing, if he does not go to France."

Italian Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero-Milanese also noted that "disagreement should be expressed in forms and ways" corresponding to the friendly relations existing between both countries. Rome made it clear to Paris that such an "unjustified tone" threatens the relations between Italy and France.

Meanwhile, a ship of the Coast Guard of Italy has arrived in Sicily today. More than 900 illegal migrants from Eritrea, Sudan, Mali and a number of other African countries (where there are no military actions, and therefore, in principle, can not be "refugees") were planted in the port of Katagni. This happened, despite the fact that the new Italian government promised the Sicilians to stop using their island as a store for illegal migrants.

It was then that it was easier to give such a promise than to fulfill it. After all, migrants continue to land on the shores of Italy, and it is not so important how they got there. Salvini and his colleagues in the new government swung at such a powerful globalist mafia and such a grandiose project (replacement by foreign elements of the population of Europe) that they decided to move along this path, gradually, starting with Soros NGOs.

All this is taking place against the backdrop of the debates about the reform of the European system of granting asylum and, in general, the struggle for the future of Europe, led by globalists with their proteges in Brussels and the governments of many European countries, with their opponents. The role of the latter is played by political parties and politicians who broadcast the moods of the "old" Europeans who have lost their way under their feet, who have already won elections in a number of European countries and come closer to it at arm's length, in some others. The damageful migration policy is intended to be reconsidered even in Germany, where the main stream of "illegal immigrants" is sent. Although the sincerity of the German authorities raises questions.

In the forefront of this process are Hungary and Austria, which has already begun to close violating the laws of extremist mosques and send their imams. Poland and Slovakia occupy a tough position with regard to illegal migration. Italy threatens to deport hundreds of thousands of migrants. As Salvini warned, "a good life for illegal immigrants is over, it's time to pack their bags."

And yet, as we see in the example of Katagni, on the heads of the inhabitants of which almost a thousand "illegal immigrants" have fallen today, the reality is this: all those who do not want the quick death of Europe are faced with a stubborn and severe struggle.