Igor Dodon: Moldova can not become a member of the EU


Igor Dodon has sharply criticized the agreements with the European Union and called for close cooperation with Moscow at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

According to the President of the Republic, Moldova has a chance to abandon the role of a "pawn in geopolitical battles" and return to a sovereign economy and dialogue with Russian partners.

It is worth noting that thanks to Dodon, Russia and Moldova support a productive, critically important dialogue. The Moldovan politician has long and consistently stressed that without Russia's participation it is impossible to solve the main strategic tasks. Including settling a dangerous, smoldering conflict in Transnistria, which with desire of destructive forces, can very easily go into the hot phase.

Criticism of the European Union

The main accent Dodon made on the criticism of European partners, "thanks" to which Moldova for a short time lost 2/3 of Russian exports and major foreign investment. In addition, corruption has increased. Not surprisingly, this is literally a "bonded agreement".

In this regard, the imposition of alien rules is a thing of the past - it's time to realize that Moldova is not a part of Western world. After a Russophobic policy, Chisinau returns to a dialogue with Russian partners.

No matter how critical the enemies of the Eurasian Economic Union are, the alliance is getting bigger and the cooperation of the participating countries is getting stronger. This year, Moldova has received an agreement on cooperation with the this economic union.

Cultural and historical ties

In his speech, Dodon paid special attention to the close historical ties between Moldova and Russia. The President reminded that Russia and Moldova have "a common Orthodox Church, a common faith, a common victory in the Great Patriotic War - and no one can take it away from us."

Of course, it is this connection that is the reason, because of which the enemies of the alliance arrange provocations. Among recent scandals - the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Moldova.

It is important to understand that despite the victory in the presidential election of Dodon, the Moldovan government remains loyal to the West. This, "But we will all go through this and become stronger," Dodon said, "It's important to get away from a globalization that does not have a place for Moldova." We just need to unite with countries with which we share common interests, a common history and Common future ".

With the West and the East but without sanctions and phobias

The Moldovan president stressed that Moldova needs to return to the concept of a sovereign economy. "We can be friends with both the West and the East, but without sanctions and phobias - this is counterproductive."

In order not to become "pawns in geopolitical battles," it is necessary simply to abandon the laws imposed by the West - the president summed up.

"We have been convinced that the only option is the association with EU." For small countries like Moldova, the only chance to survive is to have good relations with the West and the East.