“Hunting for Easter fascism”: campaign against Le Pen is in full swing

Blandine Le Cain/flickr.com

This week, the leader of the National Front and more likely winner of the presidential election in France, Marine Le Pen, had a speech at the concert hall “Zenit” in Paris. The full version in Frenchcan be listened on her website.

Her red jacket and strong voice made Marine look amazing. No one stayed indifferent in the hall.  Each thesis of the far-right conservative candidate was followed by a big round of applause.

Marine Le Pen has recently presented 10 measures that she will take in case she wins the election. This speech, most likely, appealed to French hearts in order to remind people that France is a unique country with its particularities. Giving this country to the leader of En Marche, Emmanuel Macron and Co, for tearing it to pieces is the worst thing that could happen to a kind France with its old history. You can read about Macron’s dangerous connections right here.

Return the French the main thing: hope

As Le Pen rightly noticed, the first round on Sunday, April 23, has a historical meaning for France, people and for the state. The stake has a civilization meaning.

First of all, Le Pen reminded that France had become “a prison of European Union” for the last years, which cost a lot: loss of sovereignty and legitimacy of the whole state.

Those, who turned the country into this condition, suggest that it is over with France and, maybe, finally, it is time to surrender to “the wild globalization”.

But, anyway, there are still patriots who can give back to the Frenchthe main thing – hope, - the candidate noted.

“We present the project of fraternity and unity of French people at this election, - Mrs. Le Pen said – we present our motherland, our traditions, our beautify language, our culture, our art to live and our understanding of the world and humanity. Ourvalues”. “Each patriot, each French person has the right to announce that France is his. Give France back to us!”

The globalist took away the rights

The main object of Le Pen’s criticism became bankers, European bureaucrats, Brussels, technocrats and finanancial lobby. They have huge power and, that’s why, they take a decision without considering people’s will.

“They control our laws; they are leading us to our surrender and subordination. They owe our territories and we cannot decide anymore who comes to our country. They own our rights: the French in France have fewer rights than foreigners”, - Mrs. Le Pen mentioned. The leader of the National Front reminded about a threat from terrorists, drug dealers, and mafia, which are the consequences of non-controlled borders in France.

“The principle of solidarity does not reflect the interests of sovereign policy in France anymore”, - Mrs. Le Pen added. “This reflects not only the material aspects of life: the shortage of work places,infringement of native citizens’ rights and so on, but it reflects the loss of our own history and culture”.

‘The special point is returning the economic sovereignty”, the leader of the National Front added.  One of Le Pen’s supporters, François-Louis d’Argenson, described in his interview to Tsargrad how France lost itseconomic independency.

Feminists announced “hunting for Easter fascists”

When Marine Le Pen started telling that women are respected in France, she also added that because of it women must not be joked rudely by following with eyes and not be hidden in hijab. Mrs. Le Pen’s attitude towards Muslim cloth is well known for everyone and there was no new idea about it in her speech.

After her words, a representative of Femen appeared on the scene and tried unsuccessfully to give flowers to the candidate and undress. However, her striptease failed and a security dragged her away from the scene before she could show out what she wanted.
Finally, it was found out that Femen is offended that Le Pen’s party is not a “feminist’s party” at all. After her showing, the activist complained: rude men bulked on her and dragged her away from the candidate.

Femen does not like Le Pen because the candidate is against gay marrage, and is for “the isolation which will close the borders” and (attention!) for  ‘geopolitical rapprochemen with dictator Putin”. Moreover, the feminists announced that the candidate was not capable to understand Islam, feminism, secular life and they named the National Front “the party of hate”.

But the most surprising thing is a call of Femen on Facebook: “Femen announced hunting for Easter fascists!” We are not joking, this is a literal translation "FEMEN lancel a chasseaux fachos de Pâques!" Now, Ester is equaled to the third Reich? It looks like they are “real fighters for rights”…

We should not forget that the closer the election is, the more information attacks happen. This is the blame for the tweeter repost with the violence of ISIS (banned in Russia) and a threat to deprive the candidate of the deputy immunity on the eve of the election, physical attack on the headquarters of the National Front.

Moreover, the opponents tried to joke by posting banners with Harry Potter and master Yoda. The wizard called for not saying “her name” at the vote and the green master said: “You will turn to the dark side”.

On the eve of the election, protesters (not more than 400 people according to Le parisien) went to the streets with slogans against fascism and solidarity torefugees. The situation did not finish up only with the banners against Marine: protestants attacked the policemen and threw them with smoke bombs and bottles incendiary mixture. Does it remind you something?

Just to remind you that according to the last social poll, which was conducted by Opinion Way up to April 18,  Le Pen and Macron had the level of 22%. After recoveringfrom the scandal, François Fillon grew up to 21%. Jean-Luc Mélenchon – 19%. Particularly, all these candidates have potential to pass the first round of the election on April 23.

Of course, it is hard to predict: the situation can be changed at the last moment. However, all headlines of western mass media are about the epic battle between Le Pen and Macron at the second round. Who will win: the voice of people or the voice of bankers – we will know after the second round on May 7.


Read in Russian: http://tsargrad.tv/articles/ohota-na-pashalnyj-fashizm-kampanija-protiv-le-pen-v-samom-razgare_59334