How Refugees are Demonized if They are Not Muslims or Merkel Fans


The political magazine ARD- „Kontraste“ on Thursday evening tried to prove the existence of xenophobia in AfD. As a bizarre evidence of prejudice, AfD member Markus Frohnmaier hires a Syrian refugee in his Bundestag office. The magazine says that Kevork Almassian was a propagandist of Assad and illegally entered Germany, and his presence is contrary to the struggle of the party against illegal migrants. Here is David Berger's interview with Mr. Frohnmaier on this topic:


PP: Mr. Frohnmaier, it appears that the political magazine ARD "Contraste" and the t-online news platform are firmly opposed to you. Kevork Almassian Christian Syrian of Armenian descent, is now engaged in his work in social networks. He is accused of being a propagandist of Assad and illegally arriving in Germany. How do you find such a charge?

Markus Frohnmaier: Kevork is a legal refugee, so he is legally in Germany. He works great on my team. From his non-European point of view, he introduces an important element in the work of my office. And unlike some colleagues from the old parties, I do not interfere in my employees' free time. Only “Merkel's propagandists” can come to the fact that he should be “the propagandist of Asad”. Kevork is a passionate Syrian patriot. I am not surprised if it hits left-green Germany.

Kevor grew up in Aleppo in northern Syria. To study international relations, he went to Beirut and Paris, was best in class. Without war, he would certainly be a candidate for university departments in his homeland today. His family fell victim to Islamist violence after the outbreak of the conflict in Syria. Our party has always advocated the reception of persecuted Christians. Therefore, I do not see anything unusual in the fact that I hire a refugee who wants to help us with his knowledge, gaining experience in parliament for his return home.

PP: Why do you think the media chose you?

Markus Frohnmaier: I have an unconventional political style that you also get along with. It does not bother me. So my office may be busy for many "unconventional". But it gives visible results. We are strong in the work of the committees, providing accurate inquiries and statements, many of which turn it into the media. I am not a member of parliament who builds himself a patriot in front of his base and crawls in front of the ministers in the capital.

Just as I give myself in Baden-Württemberg, I act in the Bundestag: aggressively and without false respect for the positions of the old parties. We are not friends with the Minister of Development. I ruthlessly revealed his mistakes: the investment law, an indecisive strategic document from the 2030s ... The mainstream German media, if possible, wants to ignore the work of AfD. Their “AfD wish-MEP” is a scenario in which my party does little and carefully disappears after the legislative assembly. This is the kind of favor I will not do for the media.

PP: Going back to Almassian: is it not a problem for you that he came through a third country?

Markus Frohnmaier: The correct application of the rules of third countries is the responsibility of the authorities. As an employer, I do not follow the asylum procedure, but I have to rely on the administration to work properly. But one more circumstance is much more interesting: obviously, we have to mark ourselves red in February 28, 2019 in our calendar. This is the day when the mainstream media in Germany first became interested in the exact route of a refugee to Germany.

Suddenly, the turmoil "We do it," forgetting the gossip. And why? Because a refugee has a “wrong opinion”. The main journalists are not interested in the paths of those refugees who sexually harass women in the square near Cologne Cathedral. Therefore, I can not understand the sudden interest in this issue. In addition, it is duly recognized by the authorities and, therefore, everything is legal here.

It has been proven that Kevork and his family were religiously persecuted Christians. This makes these attacks by mainstream journalists even more vile. Hundreds of thousands of migrants illegally join our country, including serious criminals, rapists, drug dealers and political and religious extremists. For T-Online and Kontraste, obviously, this is not a problem. This is pure cynicism.

PP: Does Almassian agree with everything you say in public?

Markus Frohnmaier: Of course not. He should not. I also do not have to agree with everything he says publicly. But again: I am not a controller of thoughts and opinions. My office is a place of open debate; This is certainly more passionately discussed with us than in the editorial offices of the mainstream media.

PP: Thank you very much for the interview!