How Hillary Clinton will disarm Americans


One of the main objectives of the US transnational financial elite is to take away weapons from Americans. The liberal establishment, which has not taken national interests into account for a long time, works exclusively according to their own agenda. Conservative Americans who adhere to the principles laid down by the Founding Fathers of the United States are a major obstacle in the way of achieving these goals.

Democratic Issues of Democrats

Today, the US population has about 300 million firearms in its hands, which is on average one per a person, taking into account the elderly and the children. An armed and trained population is a much greater threat to the repressive state machine than an unprepared and weak one. Shooting clubs and associations across the country promote the culture of proper weapon handling en masse. Each year, millions of Americans pass the necessary training, which improves their efficiency should a collision with the repressive forces occur, i.e. usurping power in Washington.

Crucial Amendment

The right of US citizens to keep and bear firearms is enshrined in the Second Amendment. Among other things, it states that, if it is necessary, people can overthrow a tyrannical regime. At the end of the 18th century, the Constitution’s authors were able to predict what will happen to the state two centuries in the future; no wonder the Democrats usually criticize this part of the Constitution. For example, for the past eight years Barack Obama has conducted an aggressive policy against the right to keep and bear arms. In particular, at the beginning of this year, an initiative was announced, according to which the right to buy weapons may be denied to people who receive social benefits from the state. Allegedly, citizens who are not able to support themselves cannot properly handle a weapon. This situation is deemed as the fruits of a tyrannical regime that wants to segregate the population, rather than a “bastion of democracy” that the US still considers itself.

It will get worse

Many experts say that Hillary Clinton is the most radical politician in the entire history of the United States. Her position on a wide range of issues, from pro-abortion to the right to keep and bare arms, can be summarized in one word: ultra-liberal. If we talk about the Second Amendment, here is what the Americans will get if they choose Clinton as their president:

– Complex tightening of federal legislation in the field of inspections (i.e. background checks). It means that in order to implement the rights contained in the US Constitution, a citizen will have to go through more bureaucratic procedures and more people will be deprived of their right to keep and bear firearms.

– A ban on arms sales to individuals. Clinton considers it necessary to take away the rights of Americans to buy and sell legally registered weapons if their amount is “significant.” Moreover, there are no specific numbers listed anywhere, which means “significant” can be classed as a single gun.

– Canceling the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, under which people who have suffered from illegal actions with firearms have to sue the offender, not the weapons producer. After a Hillary Clinton win, anyone injured in a shootout in a troubled neighborhood will be able to sue the company Smith & Wesson or Colt, which may destroy the weapons industry in the US.

– A ban on keeping military-style weapons. If this happens, then the law-abiding patriots will be stuck with ineffective models of weapons, which will offer protection only against wild dogs or an unarmed criminal. In other words, the Americans will lose their weapons, which they can use to protect their freedoms.

All of these facts are just the tip of the iceberg called “liberal dictatorship”, which is coming to the United States. If Clinton becomes US President, the persecution of the population will have a federal scale, which ultimately could lead to armed clashes across the country.