How Biden’s Vaccine Rollout Is Contributing To National Chaos and Rise in Anti-Vaxxers


Not long ago in late April of this year, the newly-minted Comforter-in-Chief, President Joe Biden proudly elevated the stakes in the race to get most of the country fully vaccinated, just in time for the highly-anticipated July 4th celebrations to joyfully welcome the post-COVID era.
Biden told assembled reporters on the White House lawn that fully vaccinated Americans can release themselves from the hassle of mandated mask wearing, while enjoying the great outdoors and soaking in the sun rays of early spring.
“The bottom line is clear.” “If you’re vaccinated you can do more things, more safely, both outdoors as well as indoors.”
After weathering the deadliness of the gross negligence staged by the defeated Trump administration under the damning tutelage of the Terrorizer-in-Chief, who was actively sacrificing the lives of vulnerable citizens in the name of preserving his “booming economy” and securing his reelection — it has been a breath of fresh air to accommodate the exact opposite of brutish authoritarianism.
Trump’s adherence to spreading misinformation about COVID-19, while holding superspreader events both at the grounds of The White House and at his KKK-themed rallies across the country, that infamously infected and killed a notable attendant Herman Cain, is the crime against humanity that he will never be charged for.
It’s no secret that the botched job performed by Trump and his soldiers of death during a once-in-a-lifetime global health crisis, played a vital role in America’s rapid descent into the gallows of national hysteria, over severe ramifications from an out-of-control killer virus threatening to wipe out weakened households.
Combining the willpower to survive COVID-19, and the determination to overcome the hurdles of a historic election year, featuring two prolific saviors who were each chosen for the moment of all our lives, was more than any of us could’ve imagined, but somehow the crisp dawn of a new day ended with the sparkles of fireworks, signaling the rebirth of a terrorized nation.
More than six months into the new year 2021, and getting familiar with the Biden administration, including adjusting to the restoration of White House communications from the standpoint of integrity, consistency and coherency, a wearied nation is still in recovery mode with the full support of an empathetic president, who started off strong, but needs all hands on deck to avoid more stumbling blocks.
The ambitious plan and high expectations for the vaccine rollout was going to be expectedly challenging, due to those raging conspiracy theories that entrap the doubts and fears of large populations of naysayers, who are even more emboldened about their unwavering decision to stay unvaccinated, thanks to the daily updates about booster shots and the inconsistencies surrounding results of Pfizer’s vaccine.
This chaotic era of information overload and the distracting trends that blend the serious with utter foolishness is the devious mechanisms of social media, that constantly alerts us to why our consumption of breaking news and coerced headlines with empty articles attached is both unhealthy and damagingly deceiving.
And it doesn’t help that Fox News, a hub of propagandized jargon that employs over-exposed far-right disrupters to weaponize each of their segments as hourly click-baits for the deranged and woefully ignorant, has mastered the destructive antics that are utilized to legally uphold the statutes of white supremacy, while also threatening the lives of those who subscribe to the belief system of #MAGA.
From the very beginning of what has evolved into the national health emergency that has no end, Fox News served as the megaphone for the Trump administration with blaring commentary that downplayed the deadliness of the coronavirus, by accusing Democratic leadership of attempting to derail the reelection of GOP’s supreme leader with false alarms about a fast spreading killer virus.
Almost a year after the arrival of COVID-19 that has so far killed 612K Americans and counting, we are still engaged in a bloody war for our survival, in an infectious climate that threatens to sink us back into the depths of despair and destabilization because of the unvaccinated and the rising numbers of new cases of those infected with the delta variant, across the country.
Things have gotten so bad that White House press secretary Jen Psaki recently confirmed the rumors that had been swirling about discussions that took place between Fox News and the White House regarding overall coverage of the global pandemic, and how the high stakes of saving the lives of the misled and misinformed is the non-negotiable mandate.
“We’ve been in touch with every network and many, many media outlets about coverage of Covid-19 to make sure people have accurate information, to voice concerns when we have them.”
It appeared that Fox News did take the meeting with White House communications seriously, as demonstrated by the sudden switch by over-paid staples like Sean Hannity, who used his normally unruly segment to firmly implore his robotic viewers to stop playing with fire and get vaccinated or suffer the dire consequences.
But of course that applaudable performance was quickly replaced with Hannity’s signature swing, which he saved for his radio show, where he rejected the praises he garnered for simply doing his job as a so-called journalist, who’s employed to be a truth-teller, and reiterated that he’s still not championing the urgency for the unvaccinated to get lifesaving vaccines.
“I’m not urging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine, because I’m not a doctor. That is not what I said. I said to take it seriously, it can kill you.”
Ummm…what’s the difference between “urging” and seriously warning people to “take it seriously, it can kill you?”
The fact that Hannity was propelled to backtrack his words of wisdom by adding idiotic sentiments to maintain good standing with QAnon members and cultists of #MAGA is evidence of the polarizing attributes of Trumpism that dangerously politicizes agendas that are a matter of life and death.
The national chaos stemming from a barrage of uneven messaging from the CDC and infectious disease experts is colliding with the ire of anti-vaxxers and the conspiracy theorists who feel vindicated by their refusal to submit to vaccines that haven’t proven to be effective enough to please entitled skeptics.
The Biden administration made a big mistake with the festive vaccine rollouts in early spring, that prematurely gave the fully vaccinated permission to go anywhere maskless with reasonable caution.
That bold declaration seemed too good to be true, and while it’s understandable that the newly-minted Comforter-in-Chief felt pressure to be the bearer of great news after nearly a year of gloom and doom, it was obviously way too soon to diminish the worthiness of a politicized accessory that isn’t going away anytime soon.
When you have reports of fully vaccinated patients battling symptoms of COVID-19 and the delta variant, that automatically pollutes the narrative that claims the high efficiency of controversial vaccines that may require booster shots for further ammunition against a mutating monster.
In this lethal era that empowers conniving personalities to curate and publish versions of the truth that fits lucrative agendas, it’s difficult to completely trust what’s being sold on platforms for viral envy and verified endorsements.
But as we weather the present storm that recalls the harmful elements we swore were behind us not too long ago, and fearfully look ahead to a future of uncertainty, it’s perhaps advisable for the Biden administration to humbly confess the missteps of misinforming the public to throw away masks and confidently claim their fully vaccinated status.
It’s quite possible that if wearing masks had been strongly encouraged even for the fully vaccinated, it might’ve prevented the disturbing trend of new cases affecting both unvaccinated and vaccinated.
We’ve never gone through this frightening season of a global pandemic and this learning curve is kicking our asses, which is why it’s so important for the messaging from the White House, CDC, and other sources critical to the active conversation and curation of guidelines, to consistently contain a cohesiveness that honors clarity and transparency.
We are still unearthing answers about a cunning virus that’s proving to be a formidable foe that can’t be easily vanquished, even with the miraculous production of lifesaving vaccines. And now that we know that children are susceptible to symptoms of COVID-19 with hospitalizations of infected youngsters increasing across the country, parents have to contend with an extra dose of our brutal reality.
There’s no telling what fall will bring, and how the cooler months will affect this troubling surge of new cases and steady rise in the number of casualties of a war that we thought we were winning — until the fireworks stopped.
Mask up and stay ready.