The homosexual prospects of Montenegro


Montenegro – the country that has always had strong traditions and had recently a practice of blood revenge – did not imagine five years ago that something like this could happen. It was also hard to imagine its membership in the military alliance that bombed Montenegrin children in 1999.

Running the country for 26 years, the successors of the communist party Tito and the leaders of the Democratic Party of Socialists - Milo Đukanović and Filip Vujanovich – celebrate a new victory: they have finally made the country become a member of NATO. They did it in spite of the intrigues of myopic and miserable opponents from the oppositional Democratic Front that demanded to discuss this issue at a national referendum. But President Filip Vujanovic ignored it and did not use the national referendum and preferred his Montenegrin analog which meant that if the majority of people voted for his European integrational party, they had already made their choice.

However, according to social polls, the number of people who are against the European integration exceeds the number of people who support it, and even if the difference is small, it is ignored. Also, they neglect the oppositional Democratic Front, 35 deputies of which refused to vote for ratifying the membership in NATO and decided to go to a village town Murino and call for holding the referendum. Well, 46 “adequate” deputies did not go to a village town but they stayed in the capital Cetina and approved the ratification in a splendid surrounding, and it is hard to quarrel about it.

It is a noteworthy fact that one unpleasant incident happened in this Murino in 1999: two NATO’s aircrafts shot the village and killed adults and three little pupils that were at lessons at that time. There were only destroyed buildings left in the village. The oppositional politicians and demagogues try to use an unfortunate misunderstanding to explain this accident, however, sensible people know that pilots aimed at a bridge but could not hit it at first and started getting upset and annoyed. And, in fact, they got angry because of the Serbs who always interfere and are not real brothers for the Montenegrins, as the Montenegrins have their special Montenegrin language with Latin letters and their own flag which does not copy the Serbian one but looks more like the Albanian flag. Now, Montenegro is a multicultural and multinational country and it has its own church which differs from the obsolete and conservative Serbian Orthodox Church and Montenegrin Orthodox Church. However, it is not admitted by the Catholic Church, but the Ukrainian experience shows that it is not necessary. And it is again a historical misunderstanding that the majority of the Montenegrins referred themselves to the Serbs at the beginning of twenty century.

They think that, in fact, the Serbs and their Russian friends cause only mess. Now, everyone thinks that they tried to organize a coup d’état in autumn last year using the supervision of the Russian intelligence and their own Serbian Chetniks-fighters who killed kind and peaceful Ukrainians in Donbass before. They are regarded as someone who really needed the coup d’état to seize power and kill the political leader Milo Đukanović, a former Prime Minister (what kind of positions he has had!). But they failed and were revealed, and they are giving their witness statements now. Some of them have been deported. Also, the criminal investigation of the Democratic Front have been stated and it is not a coincidence that the head of the government, Dushko Markovich, said that “everyone who is against the country to join NATO, does not desire any good to it”.

Therefore, the future of the opposition is unenviable. And they will be destroyed soon. Another case, new upstarts appeared, such as the leader of the movement URA, ethnical Albanian, Dritan Abazovich, who announced these days that allowing NATO to enter the country, the permanent functionaries of the Democratic Party of Socialists put themselves in danger. Because a democratic and progressive NATO will not endure these corrupt officials and autocrats and it will make a bet on young and multicultural leaders that will preferably have Albanian roots. Something similar happened in Macedonia but local natives were not ready to a European happiness. But it will not be the same in Montenegro as it was in Macedonia. And it is really unpleasant. Because, no matter how you try, but you cannot forget the experience of Shevarnadze and Mubarak.

But words are still words. European integrated Montanegro does not stop worrying. As Filip Vujanovich said, if the country joins NATO, it will ensure sovereignty for many years. Even if the country has the rights of a servant, it is not so important. The American trainers from the state of Maine carried out trainings on neutralizing terrorists nearby the city Kolashin. This American state, unlike Kosovo, is known to have lots of them. And progressive Montenegrin gay-activists carried out a picket next to the stronghold of the world’s misoneism - the embassy of Russia – and claimed to stop torturing and killing gays in Chechnya.

The future is clear and visible, and it is not far. If it is presented by blacks or homosexuals, it does not matter.